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Hollywood Docket: Mickey Rooney Under Conservatorship of His Lawyer

Law buzz this morning...

  • Borders filed for bankruptcy and its list of debtors include 20th Century Fox ($6.4 million), Sony Music Entertainment ($4.2 million), Universal Music Group ($3.7 million), Sony Pictures Home Entertainment ($2.9 million) and EMI Music ($1.8 million). [Border's bankruptcy petition]
  • Los Angeles attorney Michael Augustine has been handed temporary control of veteran actor Mickey Rooney's affairs after allegations that the actor was being bullied by his stepson and feared being kidnapped. [Reuters]
  • Verizon's list of demands in a new anti-piracy bill that would allow the government to quickly shut down websites that are accused of copyright infringement include US-only enforcement, no private right of action, proper disclosure, and reimbursement. [PaidContent]
  • I Need A Grand Prods is suing Bret Saxon, Insomnia Media Group, IMG Film, claiming it provided $2.7 million for a film, The Grand, which the defendants allegedly spent on themselves. [CNS]
  • Banksy, the artist behind Oscar-nominated documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop, recently tagged a Hollywood billboard. CBS' outdoor advertisement department allegedly took took down the billboard, which has upset the company that paid to put the ad up in the first place. If the party poopers saw the film, perhaps they would have realized that it's an honor to be tagged by Banksy. [TMZ]