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J.D. Salinger stops 'Catcher' sequel

6a00d83451d69069e201156fc407a7970c-320pi J.D. Salinger has successfully persuaded a New York federal judge to ban publication of a Swedish author's sequel to "The Catcher in the Rye."

In her decision yesterday, Judge Deborah Batts ruled that author J.D. California's "60 Years Later: Coming Through the Rye" didn't fall under fair use:

To the extent Defendants contend that 60 Years and the character of Mr. C direct parodic comment or criticism at Catcher or Holden Caulfield, as opposed to Salinger himself, the Court finds such contentions to be post-hoc rationalizations employed through vague generalizations about the alleged naivety of the original, rather than reasonably perceivable parody.

Ouch. Here's the decision in full.

Aaron Silverman of SCB Distributors says "We strongly disagree with the decision and plan to appeal."

In the meantime, the case has generated a great deal of publicity for this book, and anybody who really wants to see a copy only has to go to eBay and Amazon UK to get ahold of it. We're still scratching our heads why Salinger has gone to the trouble to fight this inconsequential book, but if he really wants to keep "60 Years Later" from sullying his literary masterpiece, the reclusive, litigious author is going to need to knock on the door of the U.S. Customs Office to crack down on imported sales of the copyright infringing work.