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Top 10 Strange Lawsuits Involving Disney World

Another week, another lawsuit involving Disney World. Some employes at the Happiest Place on Earth have just filed a proposed class action alleging that Disney violated their privacy by making them show their social security numbers on their ID badges. The plaintiffs include bell clerks and room service cashiers at the Disney World hotel in Orlando, Florida. The complaint hints at possible identity theft but doesn't offer any specific damage.

The suit reminds us that Disney World and Disney Land has a history of facing down lawsuits. Some have merit. Others are just plain crazy. Here are our picks for the ten most interesting ways Disney has been sued over the years....

  1. Parents of a 4-year old boy sued alleging that a 2-feet high fence wasn't high enough to keep their child from drowning in the moat.
  2. Pennsylvania parents sued with claims their four-year-old died of cardiac arrythmia while riding the Mission: Space ride. 
  3. Three disabled people sued over Disney World's ban on Segway scooters
  4. A Disney World employee, a practicing Sikh, sued with claims his red turban didn't conform to the "Disney look" and he suffered discrimination. Also, the Teamster's Union sued with claims that its "English only" policies discriminated against the Disney World hotel's Haitian and Hispanic housekeeping and laundry workers
  5. A woman who rode Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror ride up to 50 times a day, saying it was the only thing that alleviated a medical condition she had, sued with claims she was banned from the Disney World park.
  6. One park visitor sued claiming she was beaten by another park visitor and that Disney didn't have adequate security staff.
  7. A mother sued after her 21-year-old son, an employee at Disney World, died in a collision while operating the monorail.
  8. A Pennsylvania woman sued with allegations her breast was groped by Donald Duck
  9. A man sued for allegedly being stranded on the "It's a Small World" ride for 40 minutes.
  10. San Diego parents sued after their young sun suffered "severe burns" from scalding hot nacho cheese at the entertainment resort.