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  1. How Marvel Became the Envy (and Scourge) of Hollywood

    11:00 am 7/23/2014

    Ike Perlmutter has become one of the town's most feared (and frugal) moguls. Now, as "Guardians of the Galaxy" takes the $6 billion-grossing brand in a new and risky direction, insiders open up about the never-seen executive's ironfisted style and the underside of a superhero empire.Read more

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  2. Comic Book Artist John Romita, Jr. on Designing 'Superman'

    2:47 pm 6/23/2014

    'Superman' artist John Romita Jr. on creating the right nose for the character. Read more

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  3. Jim Steranko on 'Agents of SHIELD': 'Ends on a Whimper'

    8:09 am 5/14/2014

    The comics veteran writes that with "The Beginning of the End," Marvel's "Avengers" spinoff ended its first season with "another disappointing layer of warmed-over potholes, carrots, and hooks."Read more

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  4. 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' TV Spot 3

    9:52 am 3/4/2014

    Marvel teases a little more of the chaos created by the Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) in their third TV spot. The film directed by Anthony Russo is set to hit theaters on April 4. Read more

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  5. Jim Steranko on 'Agents of SHIELD': 'Can Anyone Tell Who's Doing What to Whom?'

    12:35 pm 2/5/2014

    In his THR recap, the comics veteran writes that "Tracks" was "my favorite of the series" … but only because of the Stan Lee cameo. Read more

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  6. Jim Steranko on 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.': 'Do We REALLY Give a Damn?'

    8:35 am 1/15/2014

    In his THR recap, the comics veteran writes that "Seeds" was "the perfect example of frustration, apathy, and disappointment." Read more

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  7. Marvel President Talks Relationship Between Comic Content and Movies

    12:34 pm 1/8/2014

    Dan Buckley tells fans complaining that Marvel's comic books are guided by upcoming movies "that's what we should be doing."Read more

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  8. Marvel, Disney Team with Toei and Bandai for Japan-Only 'Avengers'

    3:05 pm 10/23/2013

    Toei-created "Marvel Disk Wars" series will be paired with a full rollout of Bandai merchandise in spring 2014.Read more

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  9. Vin Diesel on Voicing Groot in 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

    3:38 pm 8/27/2013

    The action star praises Marvel for their work in making Groot come to life in 'Guardians of the Galaxy.' Read more

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  10. Appeals Court Frees Marvel from Spider-Man Toy Deal

    10:44 am 7/16/2013

    The inventor of a device that lets kids pretend they can shoot webs out of the palm of their hand loses the benefits of a licensing agreement he made in 2001.Read more

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