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  1. TV Ratings: CNN Keeps Boost Amid Criticism, Fox Maintains Lead in Boston Coverage

    3:33 pm 4/19/2013

    The cable news networks continue to see surges in viewership, with audiences up between 37 percent and 194 percent compared with the previous week.Read more

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  2. Boston Bombing: Megyn Kelly Raps Tsarnaev's Cryptic Eminem Tweet on Fox News

    12:55 pm 4/19/2013

    As news outlets cover the social media trail left by the suspect, the "America Live" gives a spirited reading of one of his many pop culture references. Read more

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  3. Boston Marathon Bombing: Rush to Break News Burns CNN, Fox News

    2:57 pm 4/17/2013

    Erroneous reports of an arrest in the case lead to criticism of the networks and costly retractions, particularly for Jeff Zucker's struggling shop: "When CNN makes a mistake, it matters more."Read more

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  4. TV Ratings: Viewership Surges During Cable News Coverage of Boston Marathon Bombing

    3:00 pm 4/16/2013

    Numbers climb throughout the day, though primetime sees the biggest boost with 8 million viewers tuning in across Fox News Channel, CNN and MSNBC in the peak hours.Read more

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  5. Fox News' Tucker Carlson Caught Fly Fishing in Central Park (Video)

    6:35 am 4/15/2013

    The conservative pundit and media entrepreneur was seen legally casting his line by a blogger with a camera in New York's biggest park.Read more

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  6. Fox News Fights Back in Jim Carrey War: 'Come Sue Us' (Video)

    3:25 pm 3/29/2013

    "The Five" host Greg Gutfeld called the comedian's press release "a complete meltdown" and proclaimed that the late Charlton Heston has a "brighter future in films" than Carrey.Read more

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  7. Jim Carrey Slams 'Fux News' Over Gun Fight: It's a 'Media Colostomy Bag'

    1:19 pm 3/29/2013

    The actor released a statement bashing the network, which has criticized his spoof anti-gun video all week, as "a last resort for kinda-sorta-almost-journalists."Read more

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  8. Tucker Carlson Joins Fox News Channel

    11:32 am 3/27/2013

    The former MSNBC and CNN host will sit on the panel at "Fox & Friends Weekend."Read more

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  9. Bill O'Reilly Calls Gay Marriage Opponents 'Bible Thumpers,' Seemingly Reversing Stance (Video)

    6:11 am 3/27/2013

    The conservative pundit said of the Supreme Court cases over same-sex marriage, "The compelling argument is on the side of homosexuals."Read more

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  10. Pat Boone Calls Obama a Marxist, Says He Was on White House 'Enemies List' (Video)

    1:23 pm 3/14/2013

    The legendary singer calls the media oblivious and lobs accusations of radicalism at the president during a Fox Business interview.Read more

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