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  1. Conservative Media Pounces After ABC News Blames Tea Party For 'Dark Knight Rises' Shooting (Video)

    11:59 am 7/20/2012

    UPDATED: The definition of a "nano-second," says Mark Steyn subbing for Rush Limbaugh, "is the time between a mass shooting and some guy from the left blaming it on talk radio, or Sarah Palin, or Fox News."Read more

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  2. George Zimmerman's First TV Interview to Air Tonight on Fox News (Video)

    3:40 pm 7/18/2012

    "I pray for them daily," Zimmerman says about the parents of Trayvon Martin, the teenager he killed five months ago.Read more

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  3. Fox News' Sean Hannity to Interview George Zimmerman

    10:04 am 7/18/2012

    The news anchor sits down with the suspected Trayvon Martin killer in an interview to air Wednesday night.Read more

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  4. One Year in, Fox News Talker 'The Five' Has High Spirits, Profits

    5:39 pm 7/10/2012

    The durability of the last-minute replacement for Glenn Beck surprises even its hosts, they tell THR.Read more

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  5. Bill O'Reilly and Peter Bart Are Not Engaged to Be Married!

    4:38 pm 6/27/2012

    Asked if he has any idea who might be behind the gay internet hoax bearing his name, Variety's editorial director says, "I wish I did. I have absolutely none."Read more

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  6. Fox News Correspondent Hired by Vatican as Media Consultant

    11:16 am 6/25/2012

    Amid an embarrassing leaks scandal, the Holy See seeks image rehabilitation through the help of an American journalist.Read more

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  7. Fox News Host to MSNBC: 'You Condescending, Sanctimonious Twits' (Video)

    5:36 pm 6/21/2012

    Neil Cavuto rips Lawrence O'Donnell for four minutes over his coverage of Ann Romney and her use of equine therapy in dealing with multiple sclerosis, a disease he knows "all too well."Read more

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  8. Fox News Host Jokes: Did Lance Armstrong Take 'True Blood' Drug? (Video)

    9:21 pm 6/14/2012

    Shepard Smith, apparently bored by coverage of the bicyclist’s doping scandal, veered the conversation toward the HBO series -- to awkwardly hilarious results. Read more

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  9. Fox News Absorbs Newscore, Promotes Two Executives

    4:09 pm 6/6/2012

    The cable network takes over day to day operations of News Corp's wire service, upping its own SVP of news editorial and Newscore's CEO in the process.Read more

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  10. Creator of Controversial Anti-Obama Video Will Remain at Fox News (Video)

    1:14 pm 6/1/2012

    Some say the episode that nearly cost Chris White his job was much ado about nothing; others are using it to advance the narrative that the network is biased.Read more

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