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  1. Liberty to Take Control of Sirius XM Radio

    2:56 pm 1/3/2013

    The FCC expects the conglomerate to own more than 50 percent of the satellite firm's shares within 60 days, approving its request for transfer of de jure control.Read more

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  2. State Department Tears Into Fox News Over Hillary Clinton Comments

    9:54 am 1/3/2013

    In a wry letter, a department spokesperson said Justin Fishel's line of questioning was "simply a blatant lie and grossly misleading to the public."Read more

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  3. 'This Changes Everything': Piers Morgan, Bill O'Reilly, Joe Scarborough Take on Gun Control After Newtown

    3:20 pm 12/18/2012

    The CNN host gets combative, the Fox News commentator targets Quentin Tarantino and the MSNBC analyst has an emotional change of heart in the wake of historic tragedy. Read more

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  4. Reports of Fox News Barring Discussions of Gun Control Are Premature (Video)

    8:10 pm 12/17/2012

    "It is too soon to talk the politics of gun control," executive producer for weekends David Clark writes in an email that insiders say has been taken wildly out of context.Read more

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  5. Fox News' Mike Huckabee Blames School Shooting on Absence of Religion in Schools (Video)

    5:55 pm 12/14/2012

    "Should we be so surprised that schools would become a place of carnage?" he asks, sparking a wave of criticism.Read more

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  6. Election Year Proves Big for Fox News Ratings, MSNBC Sees Significant Growth

    1:22 pm 12/13/2012

    The heated battle between cable news networks sees gains across the board for both, though third-place CNN continues to struggle despite successes with debates and coverage of the big night.Read more

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  7. Bob Costas to Debate Bill O'Reilly Over Gun Control on Fox News (Video)

    4:09 pm 12/5/2012

    A preview clip reveals the sportscaster clashing with the "O'Reilly Factor" host over the right to bear arms. Read more

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  8. Ed Asner Under Conservative Attack Over 'Tax the Rich' Teachers Union Video

    10:32 pm 12/4/2012

    An eight-minute animated video that channels Occupy Wall Street is a "disgusting hit piece" and "propaganda," says Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity.Read more

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  9. Roger Ailes Bans Karl Rove, Dick Morris From Fox News Shows Without Special Permission (Report)

    5:05 pm 12/4/2012

    Rove allegedly riled insiders when he challenged the network’s own decision desk on election night, while Morris repeatedly predicted that Mitt Romney would beat Obama.Read more

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  10. Fox News Guest Tom Ricks: I Never Apologized

    2:10 pm 11/27/2012

    The author and journalist makes public his disagreement with Fox News exec vp Michael Clemente, who insists to THR that the network received an apology.Read more

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