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  1. Sirius XM to Launch Media Matters Radio

    12:31 pm 9/21/2011

    The progressive watchdog group has made it a priority to bash Fox News, which is also carried by the satellite radio company.Read more

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  2. CNN Tops Cable News Competition with Republican Debate

    1:15 pm 9/13/2011

    Round two of the Mitt Romney/Rick Perry face-off is watched by 3.6 million viewerRead more

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  3. 9/11 Remembrance: A Guide to Sunday Night's TV Programming

    3:25 pm 9/11/2011

    A network-by-network rundown of the retrospectives, specials and live coverage planned in connection with the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Read more

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  4. September 11 Terror Threat Sparks Internet Reactions

    5:59 pm 9/8/2011

    Both news media members and the public went online to discuss the news of a potential terror threat involving New York or Washington D.C. on Sept. 11. Read more

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  5. MSNBC's GOP Debate is Highest-Rated of the Season

    2:20 pm 9/8/2011

    MSNBC pulls in 5.4 million viewers with Texas Governor Rick Perry making his first appearance at a GOP debate.Read more

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  6. Fox News, ABC Air Edited Version of James Hoffa Speech, Drawing Tea Party Criticisms

    3:57 pm 9/7/2011

    UPDATED: The Teamsters president introduced President Obama during a Labor Day rally in Detroit, referring to tea partiers as “son-of-a-bitches.”Read more

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  7. Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity Attacked in New Video Game

    2:52 pm 9/7/2011

    Several personalities from the Fox News Channel are targeted for destruction in "Tea Party Zombies Must Die!" created by an advergaming company with a Hollywood clientele.Read more

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  8. Fox News Teams With Google for Presidential Debate

    9:24 am 9/2/2011

    Viewers will submit questions on YouTube for the GOP event on September 22.Read more

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  9. Fox News Bashes Gawker Over Bill O’Reilly Scandal Report

    2:28 pm 8/31/2011

    The gossip website claims “The O’Reilly Factor” host tried to get Nassau County police to conduct an internal investigation on an officer he believed to be sleeping with his wife. Fox News preemptively attempts to undermine Gawker’s credibility.Read more

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  10. Fired Bill O'Reilly Adversary Loses Civil Rights Claim Against Comcast

    7:53 am 8/30/2011

    Appeals court rejects a lawsuit from a former 'Extra!' correspondent who claimed that Comcast's decision to fire him after he lobbied against an Emmy award for Bill O'Reilly constituted a violation of his free speech protections.Read more

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