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  1. 'Simpsons' Blasts Fox News While Congratulating Fox (Video)

    7:06 pm 4/22/2012

    After Fox rebroadcast the first episode during the 25th anniversary programming, a new end card skewered the cable news network.Read more

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  2. Fox News Nears Multimillion-Dollar Deals With Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity

    2:39 pm 4/18/2012

    The cable network's most prominent hosts are expected to sign multiyear deals within the week.Read more

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  3. Jon Stewart Called 'Coward,' Under Threat of Boycott for 'Vagina Manger' (Video)

    11:48 am 4/18/2012

    While mocking the Fox News Channel for its disinterest in covering an alleged "war on women," the comedian shows a photo of a naked woman with a Jesus ornament blocking her genitalia.Read more

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  4. Roger Ailes Says Sarah Palin 'Had No Chance' at Becoming President

    7:34 pm 4/14/2012

    The Fox News chief continued a week full of colorful commentary, in which he also insinuated Gawker was a “pornographic” Web site during THR's 35 Most Powerful People in Media celebration.Read more

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  5. Mitt Romney's Sons Defend Their Mother Via Twitter After Hilary Rosen's Attack (Video)

    3:20 pm 4/12/2012

    Hilary Rosen's assessment that the wife of Mitt Romney "has never actually worked a day in her life" didn't go over so well with the five sons of the presidential hopeful.Read more

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  6. Why Fox News Shouldn't Sue Over the 'Fox Mole' (Analysis)

    2:47 pm 4/12/2012

    Yeah, Fox probably has a claim or two. But here are some reasons why the O'Reilly network should let this one go.Read more

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  7. Roger Ailes Slams Gawker as Fox News Mole Reveals Himself, is Fired (Video)

    9:57 pm 4/11/2012

    UPDATED: The network found and suspended the rogue employee who had filed anonymous posts at Gawker that ripped the organization, while FNC chief Roger Ailes discredits the site in a conversation with THR.Read more

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  8. Sean Hannity Addresses Private Conversation With George Zimmerman

    6:35 am 4/11/2012

    The Fox News host was revealed to have had an off-the-record conversation with the Florida man who killed Trayvon Martin.Read more

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  9. Conservative Group Calls for Investigation of NBC's Trayvon Martin 911 Tape (Video)

    10:18 am 4/10/2012

    The Media Research Center has ignited its base in a protest aimed at opening an FCC investigation into the broadcast of a recording the network misleadingly edited.Read more

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  10. NBC News Admits 'Error' of Edited 911 Call in Trayvon Martin Controversy (Video)

    1:42 pm 4/3/2012

    The network has concluded its investigation into the "Today" broadcast, expressing "regret" for the situation and apologizing to viewers. Read more

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