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  1. 'Bethenny' Talk Show Ratings See Sharp Drop After Strong Start

    5:17 pm 6/19/2012

    But in its test on six Fox stations, the new talk show still averages higher ratings than her lead-in or the shows she replaced in the time period. Read more

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  2. Conan O'Brien, Julius Genachowski to Attend NCTA Convention

    5:00 am 5/21/2012

    Top cable TV industry executives from Turner Broadcasting, Comcast Cable, Time Warner Cable, ESPN, News Corp. and Fox Sports Media Group will be at the Boston event.Read more

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  3. Why Fox News Shouldn't Sue Over the 'Fox Mole' (Analysis)

    2:47 pm 4/12/2012

    Yeah, Fox probably has a claim or two. But here are some reasons why the O'Reilly network should let this one go.Read more

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  4. MSNBC Commentator Mocks Geraldo Rivera’s Hoodie Comments, Advises Black Men to Dress Like Steve Urkel (Video)

    10:40 pm 3/24/2012

    Melissa Harris-Perry unveiled her “Dress Code for Black Safety,” saying it would protect black men from being attacked by strangers. Read more

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  5. 'I Hate My Teenage Daughter' and 'The Exes': A Culture of Low-Bar Ambition

    4:28 pm 11/30/2011

    They air tonight. No rush to record.Read more

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  6. AMC's 'Hell on Wheels' Bags Big Overseas Deals

    7:09 am 11/8/2011

    The post-Civil War drama has been acquired by Fox and ABC2 in Australia, Sky New Zealand and HBO in Latin America.Read more

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  7. TV Execs Express Frustration With Development Schedule, Dependence on Nielsen

    4:24 pm 10/11/2011

    Fox's Kevin Reilly called current TV development cycles "stupid, highly inefficient" at the HRTS annual Network Chiefs Newsmaker Luncheon.Read more

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  8. 'The Simpsons' Renewed for Two More Seasons

    5:31 pm 10/7/2011

    After tense negotiations with the voice acting cast for renewal, Fox announced that the animated series would get a 24th and 25th season.Read more

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  9. 'How I Met Your Mother' Producer Sells Buddy Comedy to Fox (Exclusive)

    7:27 pm 10/6/2011

    On the heels of "Mother" creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bay's sitcom sale, co-executive producer Joe Kelly's comedy spec has landed at the No. 1 network.Read more

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