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Gavin Smith

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  1. Fox Exec Gavin Smith: Investigators Say They Know "How and Why" He Was Slain

    9:32 am 11/6/2014

    "There was evidence in the car that indicated he was killed in the car," said authoritiesRead more

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  2. Body of Missing Fox Exec Gavin Smith Found

    10:10 pm 11/5/2014

    He was last seen in 2012Read more

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  3. Missing Fox Exec Gavin Smith Declared Dead by L.A. Sheriff's Department

    11:07 pm 4/30/2014

    "A judge has ruled a death certificate for Gavin," Lt. Dave Dolson of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said.Read more

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  4. Officials: Missing Fox Exec Gavin Smith Likely Killed

    12:26 pm 3/14/2013

    The discovery of Smith's vehicle leads investigators to believe that he was the victim of a homicide.Read more

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  5. Police: Car at Drug House Tied to Missing Fox Exec (Report)

    10:43 pm 1/23/2013

    Detectives say the SUV is registered to the husband of a woman with whom Gavin Smith might have had an affair.Read more

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  6. Wife of Missing Fox Exec Gavin Smith Acknowledges Extramarital Affairs, Suspects Foul Play

    1:15 pm 10/11/2012

    Lisa Smith says she would have preferred to keep “not so pretty details” of their relationship to herself.Read more

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  7. 'America's Most Wanted' to Air Feature on Missing Fox Exec Gavin Smith

    4:34 pm 9/19/2012

    UPDATED: The venerable crime-news program is working on the piece, which will air Oct. 12, with cooperation from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.Read more

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  8. Missing Fox Exec Gavin Smith's Sister: 'Where Could He Possibly Be?'

    8:00 am 9/12/2012

    His sister and his wife talk with THR about their struggle for answers as his office is packed up, clues remain scarce and a dramatic turn dead-ends. Read more

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  9. Missing Fox Exec Gavin Smith Had Relationship With Woman Whose Home Was Searched (Report)

    11:55 am 6/23/2012

    UPDATED: Chandrika Creech met the 57-year-old in therapy; her husband, John Creech, awaits a prison sentence on a drug charge. Read more

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  10. Authorities Search Home in Hunt for Missing Fox Exec Gavin Smith

    8:47 am 6/10/2012

    Homicide detectives remove boxes, a computer and an Audi SUV from a home belonging to John and Chandrika Creech in the investigation into the disappearance of Gavin Smith, who vanished May 1.Read more

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