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  1. Joe Scarborough Apologizes for Making Autism Link to James Holmes, Alleged Aurora Shooter

    12:02 pm 7/24/2012

    The MSNBC host, who has a son with Aspergers, came under fire for what some considered distasteful stereotypes of people with autism.Read more

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  2. Microsoft Buyout to Finally Marry MSNBC.com With Its Cable News Namesake

    9:51 am 7/16/2012

    "We think this is going to clear up the brand confusion that does exist to some extent," said NBC News president Steve Capus.Read more

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  3. Comcast Acquires Microsoft's Stake in MSNBC.com for $300 Million

    9:07 pm 7/15/2012

    NBCUniversal's parent company buys the software giant's 50% ownership in the news site and renames it NBCNews.com.Read more

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  4. Preacher Suing MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Wants 'Leftist Judge' Disqualified

    9:34 am 7/11/2012

    At the moment, Bradlee Dean will only get to pursue Maddow in court if he pays her more than $24,000.Read more

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  5. MSNBC Launching 'The Cycle' With Pundit Panel

    8:38 am 6/22/2012

    The program's panelist-hosts are Toure, S.E. Cupp, Krystal Ball and Steve Kornacki.Read more

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  6. MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Taunts FCC by Showing Nudity on His Show (Video)

    5:19 am 6/22/2012

    One cable news commentator takes an aggressive reading of the Supreme Court decision on Thursday. Read more

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  7. Fox News Host to MSNBC: 'You Condescending, Sanctimonious Twits' (Video)

    5:36 pm 6/21/2012

    Neil Cavuto rips Lawrence O'Donnell for four minutes over his coverage of Ann Romney and her use of equine therapy in dealing with multiple sclerosis, a disease he knows "all too well."Read more

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  8. Creator of Controversial Anti-Obama Video Will Remain at Fox News (Video)

    1:14 pm 6/1/2012

    Some say the episode that nearly cost Chris White his job was much ado about nothing; others are using it to advance the narrative that the network is biased.Read more

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  9. Fox News Producer's Career in Flux Over Anti-Obama Video

    6:23 pm 5/31/2012

    Despite a positive on-air review of a video he created, controversy swirls around Chris White, who had been planning a move to CNN.Read more

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  10. Fox News Slams Professors Who Claimed Its Viewers Were Ill-Informed

    3:28 pm 5/23/2012

    The cable channel was mum the first time around, but now that Fairleigh Dickinson University has released a follow-up study that disparages its audience, FNC is striking back with some observations of its own.Read more

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