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Jeff Nichols

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  1. Superman vs. Batman? DC's Real Battle Is How to Create Its Superhero Universe

    7:00 am 4/29/2015

    Warner Bros. is employing a different strategy than Marvel as it hires five writers for 'Wonder Woman,' has no clear leader and deals with new frustrations in its struggles to craft a compelling 10-movie world.Read more

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  2. Hellion: Sundance Review

    11:13 am 1/18/2014

    Aaron Paul and Juliette Lewis star alongside 15-year-old first-timer Josh Wiggins in this troubled family drama from director Kat Candler.Read more

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  3. Oscars: How Screener DVDs Help or Hurt This Year's Contenders (Analysis)

    7:00 am 10/4/2013

    Several big movies could lose awards luster if voters wait to view them on the small screen (i.e. the 3D space drama "Gravity"), but others might actually benefit from a home viewing (i.e. the lesbian love story "Blue Is the Warmest Color"). Read more

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  4. Jeff Nichols on Making ‘Mud’ and Landing Matthew McConaughey

    9:05 pm 4/28/2013

    Director Jeff Nichols shares how he landed Matthew McConaughey to star in his drama and what it is like being compared to Terrence Malick. Read more

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  5. 'Mud' Director Jeff Nichols on Being Compared to Terrence Malick (Video)

    10:47 am 4/26/2013

    "Malick is so unique. I wouldn't ever claim to compare myself to him or to even be following in his footsteps," says the director, who shares a producer and also one of his film's stars with the auteur.Read more

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  6. Jeff Nichols, 'Mud' Director, Eschews Hollywood for the South

    5:55 am 4/26/2013

    The director, whose last film won three awards at Cannes, speaks to THR about his acclaimed new movie, why he stays in his own backyard, a failed HBO pilot and more.Read more

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  7. Michael Shannon's Hilarious Sorority Letter Reading Delights Pal Jeff Nichols (Video)

    3:10 pm 4/22/2013

    The "Take Shelter" star delighted the internet on Monday with his dramatic recital of the super viral screed written by an angry college student.Read more

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  8. Matthew McConaughey Explains Why Some Southerners Fear New York City

    5:56 am 4/22/2013

    The "Mud" star tells THR, "There’s a lot of people from the South or rural areas that are very scared to come to New York and walk down a back alley."Read more

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  9. Sundance 2013: Matthew McConaughey, Jeff Nichols Talk Love and 'Mud' (Video)

    5:18 pm 1/20/2013

    The duo are joined by young co-star Tye Sheridan in THR's video lounge.Read more

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  10. Matthew McConaughey's ‘Mud’

    9:43 am 1/20/2013

    Director, writer Jeff Nichols, along with co-stars Matthew McConaughey and Tye Sheridan, discuss their film about two boys who help a fugitive hide and eventually reunite him with his true love.Read more

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