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Julian Assange

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  1. Wikileaks' Julian Assange Says He'll Accept Arrest if UN Panel Rules Against Him

    5:41 am 2/4/2016

    If the panel finds he has lost his case against the U.K. and Sweden, Assange says he will turn himself in to police on Friday.Read more

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  2. Julian Assange: UN Panel Calls on U.K. and Sweden to End WikiLeaks Founder's "Deprivation of Liberty"

    2:45 am 2/4/2016

    Assange sought refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London in 2012.Read more

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  3. 'Citizenfour' Director Laura Poitras Unveils New Documentary Film Unit

    1:38 pm 9/9/2015

    Field of Vision, created by Poitras, AJ Schnack and Charlotte Cook, will focus on short, non-fiction films.Read more

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  4. Swedish Prosecutors Offer to Question WikiLeaks Founder in London About Alleged Sex Crimes

    6:51 am 3/13/2015

    Prosecutors previously refused to travel to London, where Assange has spent almost three years inside the Ecuadorean embassy, but with the statute of limitations coming up on some of the crimes Assange is charged with, plans have changed..Read more

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  5. WikiLeaks Gets Into Fashion

    10:06 am 10/13/2014

    Julian Assange plans to open stores in India to sell WikiLeaks-branded goodsRead more

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  6. What's Behind Hollywood's Renewed Interest in Political Movies

    5:00 am 9/19/2014

    Remember those Mideast-themed films that bombed? Neither do studios as new topical tales court "good" controversy without seeming like "leafy green vegetables" Read more

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  7. Julian Assange Says He is to Leave London's Ecuadorian Embassy "Soon"

    2:58 am 8/18/2014

    But the WikiLeaks founder claims his departure after more than two years inside might not be for reasons of ill-health, as reported by the U.K.'s Sky NewsRead more

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  8. Swedish Court Keeps Julian Assange Arrest Warrant in Place

    9:36 am 7/16/2014

    The court ruled that the WikiLeaks founder, who has been holed up in Ecuador's embassy in London for two years, should still face Swedish justice on sex crime allegations. Read more

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  9. Julian Assange Is Going to Be a London Fashion Week Model

    9:57 am 6/26/2014

    The WikiLeaks founder reportedly will model for Ben Westwood, the son of designer Vivienne Westwood, in September.Read more

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  10. SXSW: Julian Assange Says Living in Ecuadorian Embassy Is 'Like Prison'

    10:03 am 3/8/2014

    The WikiLeaks founder spoke with Benjamin Palmer of the The Barbarian Group via Skype from London to discuss security and Internet privacy. Read more

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