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Osama Bin Laden

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  1. Kathryn Bigelow's Navy Seals Project to Hit Theaters Oct. 12, 2012

    1:08 pm 7/28/2011

    The film, about the hunt and death of Osama Bin Laden, will follow the same release pattern that Sony used for David Fincher's 'The Social Network.'Read more

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  2. George W. Bush Gives First Interview About Osama bin Laden Killing (Exclusive)

    4:00 am 7/27/2011

    The president opens up for the first time publicly about the killing of bin Laden for a National Geographic Channel special honoring the 10th anniversary of 9/11, set to premiere Aug. 28.Read more

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  3. History Readies '102 Minutes' Sequel for 10th Anniversary of 9/11

    2:39 pm 6/24/2011

    '9/11 The Days After' will air commercial-free in conjunction with other 9/11-themed programming on History, including a global simulcast of '102 Minutes' in 150 countries. Read more

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  4. The Big Bin Laden Boom in Hollywood

    5:40 pm 6/23/2011

    A Navy recruitment video morphs into "Act of Valor," a potential blockbuster starring real SEALs, set for release February 17, 2012.Read more

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  5. Donald Trump Roast Is Obama's Most-Watched Speech on YouTube

    10:01 pm 5/8/2011

    Meanwhile, his Osama bin Laden address has become the White House's most-watched video on its official YouTube channel.Read more

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  6. Osama bin Laden Tapes Reveal Media Obsession

    1:11 pm 5/7/2011

    See the al-Qaeda leader watch himself on TV.Read more

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  7. Kill Bin Laden Yourself: First Video Game Rushed to Market

    5:47 pm 5/6/2011

    Kuma Games CEO tells THR, "Bin Laden was a bad man, and people feel relieved that he is gone. To be able to recreate his death is just an added bonus."Read more

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  8. Michael Moore: U.S.A. 'Lost Soul' After Killing Osama bin Laden

    7:26 am 5/6/2011

    "After World War II, we just didn't go in and put a bullet to the head of all the top Nazis. We put them on trial," he says on "Piers Morgan Tonight."Read more

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  9. Michael Moore Goes Off on Twitter About Osama bin Laden Being 'Executed'

    9:40 am 5/5/2011

    He'll discuss his views on "Piers Morgan Tonight" Thursday.Read more

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  10. SEAL Team Six Book Sees Print Run Quadrupled in 24 Hours; Novel Series Under Way (Exclusive)

    1:08 pm 5/4/2011

    Interest continues to skyrocket in the group behind the killing of Osama bin Laden Sunday in Pakistan.Read more

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