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Al Gore

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  1. Jane Fonda Skipped Ted Turner's 75th Birthday Party

    7:00 am 12/5/2013

    But Al Gore and Turner Broadcasting CEO Phil Kent joined 600 other guests for jokes from Jay Leno at the Atlanta bash on Nov. 23.Read more

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  2. Keith Olbermann Defaces A-Rod; Reveals Apologies, Drama Behind ESPN Return

    9:00 am 8/14/2013

    He once "napalmed" his former network. Now he's back, helming a new late-night show, and divulging the full back story of how he said sorry, to whom and his true feelings for Al Gore (hint: there is name-calling).Read more

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  3. Al Jazeera America: Can Oil Money Buy Relevance for the Controversial Network?

    5:00 am 7/18/2013

    With a half-billion-dollar price tag and boldface talent like Soledad O'Brien, the network races toward its launch -- but big questions remain.Read more

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  4. Al Gore Dismissed From Lawsuit Over Current TV Sale to Al Jazeera

    4:25 am 7/10/2013

    The $5 million lawsuit came from a media consultant who allegedly figured out the structures and strategies to make the sale "palatable."Read more

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  5. Milken Conference: Al Gore Rocks Crowd With Global Warming Speech

    7:10 pm 4/30/2013

    The former vice president said our grandchildren would be justified in asking us, "What in the hell were you thinking? "Read more

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  6. SXSW: Elon Musk Would Like to Die on Mars; Al Gore Keeps Defending Sale of Current TV

    8:30 am 3/10/2013

    Space exploration and battery-powered car entrepeneur Musk showed off new rocket technology, while Gore talked about the dangers of government surveillance and defended his sale of Current TV to Al Jazeera.Read more

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  7. Al Gore, Bob Iger Re-Elected to Apple Board

    1:03 pm 2/27/2013

    The tech giant's slate of directors remains intact, despite one shareholder's protest over the sale of Gore's Current TV to Al Jazeera.Read more

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  8. Roger Ailes Mulls Growth for Fox News Latino, Takes Shots at Obama, Gore

    11:02 am 2/11/2013

    In a new interview, the Fox News chief stated that the Latino-oriented news website may expand to include round-the-clock video news offerings. Read more

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  9. Al Gore Dogged by Questions About Al Jazeera Deal on Book Tour

    4:12 pm 1/31/2013

    The vice president is spending more time defending Current TV's sale to the Qatar network than talking about his new book on global warming.Read more

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  10. Jon Stewart Grills Al Gore on Current Sale to Al Jazeera (Video)

    8:57 am 1/31/2013

    The "Daily Show" host challenged the former vice president over the sale to a Qatar-backed entity, saying, "You had an opportunity to make a statement about your principles."Read more

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