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Al Gore

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  1. Milken Conference: Al Gore Rocks Crowd With Global Warming Speech

    7:10 pm 4/30/2013

    The former vice president said our grandchildren would be justified in asking us, "What in the hell were you thinking? "Read more

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  2. SXSW: Elon Musk Would Like to Die on Mars; Al Gore Keeps Defending Sale of Current TV

    8:30 am 3/10/2013

    Space exploration and battery-powered car entrepeneur Musk showed off new rocket technology, while Gore talked about the dangers of government surveillance and defended his sale of Current TV to Al Jazeera.Read more

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  3. Al Gore, Bob Iger Re-Elected to Apple Board

    1:03 pm 2/27/2013

    The tech giant's slate of directors remains intact, despite one shareholder's protest over the sale of Gore's Current TV to Al Jazeera.Read more

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  4. Roger Ailes Mulls Growth for Fox News Latino, Takes Shots at Obama, Gore

    11:02 am 2/11/2013

    In a new interview, the Fox News chief stated that the Latino-oriented news website may expand to include round-the-clock video news offerings. Read more

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  5. Al Gore Dogged by Questions About Al Jazeera Deal on Book Tour

    4:12 pm 1/31/2013

    The vice president is spending more time defending Current TV's sale to the Qatar network than talking about his new book on global warming.Read more

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  6. Jon Stewart Grills Al Gore on Current Sale to Al Jazeera (Video)

    8:57 am 1/31/2013

    The "Daily Show" host challenged the former vice president over the sale to a Qatar-backed entity, saying, "You had an opportunity to make a statement about your principles."Read more

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  7. Al Gore Defends Current Sale to Al Jazeera, Dismisses Fossil Fuel Hyopcricy Charges (Video)

    12:17 pm 1/29/2013

    The former vice president and co-founder of Current TV appeared on the "Today Show" and batted away criticism about the network's recent big money sale.Read more

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  8. Glenn Beck Says Al Gore Didn't Allow Him to Bid on Current TV (Video)

    2:33 am 1/11/2013

    The people behind Al Jazeera "stone women and homosexuals in their streets," Beck tells Bill O'Reilly. "Wow, I'm proud to not have the same cornerstone of values as Al Gore."Read more

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  9. Why Al Gore Will Make $100 Million in the Sale of Current TV to Al Jazeera (Analysis)

    5:00 am 1/10/2013

    The splashy deal may be the only way for the Qatar-backed network to gain a foothold in the U.S.Read more

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  10. How Al Gore Lost Current From the Start (Analysis)

    2:20 pm 1/4/2013

    It's AlGorejazeera!Read more

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