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Anderson Cooper

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  1. Journalist Who Resigned Over Lara Logan Tweets Tells Anderson Cooper: 'I Was a Jerk' (Video)

    10:06 pm 2/16/2011

    Former NYU fellow Nir Rosen says he didn't know that Logan's assault was of a sexual nature when he joked that "would have been funny if it happened to Anderson too."Read more

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  2. NYU Fellow Resigns After Crude Lara Logan Assault Joke

    11:02 am 2/16/2011

    "I am deeply distressed by what he wrote about Ms. Logan and strongly denounce his comments," says the director of NYU's Center for Law and Security.Read more

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  3. Journalist Apologizes for Joking About CBS News' Lara Logan, Anderson Cooper Egypt Assault on Twitter

    6:36 am 2/16/2011

    "I am deeply ashamed because they do not represent who I am," Nir Rosen, who has written for the New York Times and New Yorker and contributed to an Oscar-nominated documentary, tells THR.Read more

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  4. Lara Logan's Assault 'Would Have Been Funny if it Happened to Anderson Cooper,' Journalist Tweets

    5:38 am 2/16/2011

    Nir Rosen, who shot footage for an Oscar-nominated documentary, and has written prolifically on foreign policy for the New Yorker, comes under fire after posting angry Twitter messages about the CNN and CBS News correspondents.Read more

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  5. Anderson Cooper Describes Egypt Attack to David Letterman

    5:54 pm 2/9/2011

    CNN personality said of being punched while on assignment in Cairo, "I don't recommend it. I'd never been hit in the head before."Read more

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  6. Anderson Cooper Leaving Egypt

    3:33 pm 2/5/2011

    CBS' Katie Couric and NBC's Brian Williams also exited the country earlier this week following escalated street violence between supporters of president Hosni Mubarak and those calling for his resignation.Read more

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  7. Anderson Cooper 'Scared' in Egypt, Whereabouts Undisclosed After Second Attack (VIDEO)

    7:39 pm 2/3/2011

    The CNN reporter's caravan was hit with rocks Thursday - the day after he was punched in the head 10 times by pro-Mubarak supporters.Read more

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  8. Anderson Cooper: Egypt Attack Propels Ratings

    3:04 pm 2/3/2011

    After being punched in the head 10 times, the anchor tops Fox News Channel and MSNBC in demo numbers.Read more

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  9. CNN

    1:22 pm 2/3/2011

    Read more

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  10. Anderson Cooper: I'm in a 'Precarious' Situation in Egypt

    11:22 am 2/2/2011

    Hours after he was attacked, he tells THR he's reporting from an undisclosed location near Tahrir Square: "I honestly don't know when I can leave this building. I have no idea what's going to happen in the next couple of hours."Read more

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