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Ann Coulter

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  1. Ann Coulter Evangelizes 'More Guns' on 'Sean Hannity,' Twitter

    2:14 pm 12/14/2012

    The polarizing conservative pundit advocates for concealed carry laws in the wake of Friday's school shooting in Connecticut. Read more

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  2. Conservative Pundits Split on Election Blame, Then Unite on Petraeus Affair

    6:49 am 11/12/2012

    After the GOP suffered big losses on Tuesday, Bill O'Reilly complained voters "want stuff," while Sean Hannity called for immigration reform.Read more

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  3. 'Screw Them,' Ann Coulter Says of Critics of Her Tweets Calling Obama a 'Retard'

    6:47 pm 10/26/2012

    Appearing on Alan Colmes' Fox News Radio show, the pundit continued to defend her use of the word in the face of widespread criticism.Read more

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  4. Special Olympian's Letter to Ann Coulter Becomes Internet Sensation

    5:32 pm 10/24/2012

    John Franklin Stephens wrote "being compared to people like me should be considered a badge of honor. ... No one overcomes more than we do and still loves life so much.”Read more

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  5. Ann Coulter Doubles Down on Obama 'Retard' Insult in New Twitter Post

    12:48 pm 10/23/2012

    Conservative Twitter-tracking site blasts the Fox News contributor: "Evidently the bottom of the barrel wasn’t completely scraped clean after Ann Coulter called President Obama a 'retard' yesterday." Read more

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  6. Ann Coulter Calls Obama a 'Retard,' Igniting Outrage

    5:11 am 10/23/2012

    The conservative commentator's remark drew immediate protest from both Hollywood and some conservative allies, including Michelle Malkin.Read more

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  7. Ann Coulter Visits 'The View,' Has Heated Race Debate with Whoopi Goldberg (Video)

    3:40 pm 9/27/2012

    The conservative author traded some passionate words about African Americans and "white guilt" with the show's co-hosts on Thursday afternoon.Read more

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  8. 2012 Democratic Convention: Ann Coulter Tweets Rape, Abortion Quips Aimed at Sandra Fluke

    11:38 am 9/6/2012

    The conservative firebrand also joked that President Obama had "to agree to carry [Bill Clinton's] bags."Read more

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  9. Breitbart Fans Protest Outside White House Correspondents Dinner

    7:03 pm 4/28/2012

    A dozen conservative activists interacted with dinner attendees including Woody Harrelson and Chris Matthews.Read more

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  10. Ann Coulter Compares Trayvon Martin Media Coverage to 'Lynch Mob,' KKK

    11:01 am 3/30/2012

    The conservative author groups Democrats, news outlets and the hate organization together in slamming the reaction to the 17-year-old's shooting death.Read more

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