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Barack Obama

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  1. Bill Maher Petitions Obama to Appear on 'Real Time With Bill Maher'

    7:33 am 1/16/2016

    "Let's just say our invitation has gotten lost in the mail for seven years, which would be OK except for the fact that in that time, this president has done virtually every other show in the known universe."Read more

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  2. Spike Lee Turns on Obama's Gun Control Plea: "He Hasn't Talked About Chicago. At All"

    9:00 am 1/15/2016

    The 'Chi-Raq' director-producer believes the president should be addressing Chicago's gun violence more: "I was glad he mentioned it, along with Sandy Hook and the other places. But Chicago is the homicide capital of America."Read more

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  3. Critic's Notebook: Obama Subtly Blasts Trump in Final State of the Union Address

    8:12 pm 1/12/2016

    Displaying the fiery eloquence that he sometimes seemed to be missing in recent years, Obama electrified the audience — well, half of it, at least.Read more

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  4. Obama's Final State of the Union Speech: Hollywood Reacts

    8:05 pm 1/12/2016

    The MPAA and celebrities such as Amy Schumer and Russell Simmons praised the speech, while Rupert Murdoch blasted the president for being "divorced from reality."Read more

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  5. Obama Delivers Final State of the Union Speech: "The Future We Want ... Is Within Our Reach"

    7:16 pm 1/12/2016

    President Barack Obama warns against giving into election year cynicism during his 2016 address.Read more

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  6. Obama Says He's Making "Last Minute Changes" to State of the Union Address

    3:11 pm 1/12/2016

    "As I've said before, part of my goal here is to make sure people understand that we're going to leave it all on the field."Read more

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  7. Obama Tears Into NRA During CNN's Town Hall

    7:00 pm 1/7/2016

    Anderson Cooper hosted the meeting.Read more

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  8. NRA Criticizes Obama in Live-Tweet of CNN's Town Hall

    6:57 pm 1/7/2016

    An NRA spokesperson told CNN that the organization, which wasn't in attendance on Thursday night, "saw no reason to participate in a public relations spectacle orchestrated by the White House."Read more

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  9. White House Issues Response to 'Making a Murderer' Petition

    5:55 pm 1/7/2016

    The petition to free Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey, the subjects of Netflix's popular series, was started on Dec. 20 and has reached over 129,000 signatures.Read more

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  10. Watch ‘American Sniper’ Widow Question Obama at CNN Town Hall

    5:46 pm 1/7/2016

    Taya Kyle doubts President Obama's gun-control tactics: "We cannot outlaw murder."Read more

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