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Barack Obama

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  1. Obama's Top Campaign Deputies Mingle in L.A. at State of the Union Viewing Party (Exclusive)

    12:22 am 2/13/2013

    Jim Messina, Jon Carson and Rufus Gifford spent Tuesday evening networking with entertainment industry insiders at TV producer Marcy Carsey's house to rally support and raise funds.Read more

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  2. Michael Moore Praises Gun Control, Slams Obama on Drones: 'We Like to Kill Our Own'

    2:38 pm 2/12/2013

    On the lightning-rod issue of drone warfare, Moore said, "Obama is wrong, he needs to stop it, he needs to stop going into other people’s countries, he needs to stop killing people."Read more

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  3. Ted Nugent, Fierce Obama Critic, Attending the State of the Union as Congressman's Guest

    2:04 pm 2/11/2013

    The rocker, who called Obama's re-election "economic and spiritual suicide" and called for Democrats' beheading, will be in the gallery thanks to a congressman from Texas.Read more

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  4. Fox News Channel Drops Dick Morris

    4:13 pm 2/5/2013

    UPDATED: The strategist who worked for President Clinton until making a right turn made liberals giddy when he wrongly predicted a victory for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.Read more

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  5. Obama Speechwriter Leaving White House to Pen Screenplays

    4:08 pm 2/5/2013

    Jon Favreau may make the move from politics to Hollywood when he leaves his current job March 1.Read more

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  6. President Obama Backs Women in Combat, Gays in Boy Scouts in Pre-Super Bowl Interview (Video)

    4:15 pm 2/3/2013

    The POTUS spoke with CBS News’ Scott Pelley for his traditional game-day sit-down.Read more

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  7. Rush Limbaugh Accuses Obama of Promoting Boycotts Aimed at Conservative Media

    1:09 pm 1/28/2013

    The radio host's retort follows the president's criticism of Fox News in a recently published interview.Read more

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  8. President Obama Engages in Media Criticism, Calls Out Fox News

    8:05 am 1/28/2013

    In a new interview, Obama characterized the partisan anger on TV as a big obstacle to moving forward with his agenda -- calling out hosts by name.Read more

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  9. 'SNL': Obama Spars With MLK Jr. in Cold Open (Video)

    9:10 pm 1/26/2013

    The civil rights leader is more concerned with Beyonce's sex appeal than imparting wisdom to the nation’s first black president.Read more

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  10. President Obama Dancing with His Family

    11:56 am 1/24/2013

    Surrounded by supporters and friends at the inaugural ball, President Barack Obama dances with his wife and two daughters. Read more

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