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Barack Obama

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  1. President Obama's Reddit AMA Answers Tackle NASA, SOPA and Beer

    3:16 pm 8/29/2012

    The president answered questions from users of the popular forum for about half an hour on Wednesday, addressing a number of different issues.Read more

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  2. President Obama Submits to 'Ask Me Anything' on Reddit

    1:33 pm 8/29/2012

    The commander in chief is taking live questions directly from Internet users, typing his responses himself.Read more

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  3. 'Obama's America' Producer: CNN Snubbed Ad for Being 'Political' (Video)

    5:37 am 8/29/2012

    UPDATED: The cable news network rejects one of the conservative documentary's commercial but approves another.Read more

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  4. 2012 Republican Convention: 'Obama's America' Filmmaker Lashes Out at Media (Video)

    11:46 pm 8/28/2012

    "A lot of these guys have just become moral cowards," Dinesh D'Souza says about Chris Matthews, Lawrence O'Donnell, Rachel Maddow and others.Read more

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  5. Video Games Get Political This Election Season (Video)

    12:06 pm 8/28/2012

    Just in time for the political conventions, the titles connect gamers with voter registration services.Read more

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  6. Michelle Obama Portrayed as a Topless Slave on Spanish Magazine Cover

    8:09 am 8/28/2012

    The first lady's face has been superimposed on a semi-nude portrait of a female slave painted in 1800 by Marie-Guillemine Benoist and displayed in the Louvre.Read more

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  7. 2012 Republican Convention: Protesters Dressed as Vaginas Greet Delegates (Video)

    8:59 am 8/27/2012

    Pro-choice protesters accost delegates at the Republican National Convention as they arrive to party with country star Rodney Atkins.Read more

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  8. Chris Matthews Yells at Reince Priebus, Accuses Mitt Romney of Race-Baiting on 'Morning Joe' (Video)

    8:47 am 8/27/2012

    The MSNBC host scolded the chair of the RNC for a number of comments Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has made on the campaign trail.Read more

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  9. Fox News' Chris Wallace: Obama Gets 'Gentle Treatment' From Mainstream Media (Q&A)

    5:00 am 8/27/2012

    As the Republican National Convention gets underway in Tampa, the anchor talks with THR about the Big Three networks' "bias" and reveals what it's like to hang out with George Clooney.Read more

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  10. Box Office Report: Veteran Steven Spielberg Producer Backing Anti-Obama Doc, Says 'Fair' and 'Truthful'

    11:16 am 8/26/2012

    Gerald Molen, whose credits include "Schlinder's List" and "Jurassic Park," produced "2016: Obama's America." Read more

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