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Barack Obama

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  1. Mark Cuban Company to Release Andrew Breitbart Film

    2:00 pm 8/6/2012

    Occupy Unmasked, a negative take on the Occupy Wall Street movement, will be distributed next month by Magnet Releasing.Read more

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  2. Jenna Jameson Continues Political Streak With Obama Twitter Bashing

    8:27 am 8/6/2012

    The former porn star went public with her political beliefs, taking on all comers, Republican and Democrat alike.Read more

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  3. Harvey Weinstein Holding Obama Fundraiser, Co-Hosted by Anne Hathaway, Aaron Sorkin

    7:48 am 8/6/2012

    A month after comparing the president to "The King's Speech" and Mitt Romney to "Our Idiot Brother," Weinstein will host 50 people at his beachfront home.Read more

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  4. 2016 Obama’s America: Film Review

    9:49 pm 8/3/2012

    Conservative author Dinesh D’Souza makes a play to sway the election in a film that just caters to anti-Obama crowd. Read more

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  5. Sebastian Coe, Obama Disagree on Michael Phelps' Olympic Greatness

    11:22 am 8/1/2012

    A two-time medalist himself, the athlete-turned-politician isn't ready to anoint the American swimmer the title of very best. President Obama disagrees.Read more

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  6. FEINBERG: The Day That I Interviewed -- Er, Was Lectured to by -- Gore Vidal

    9:25 pm 7/31/2012

    Scott Feinberg revisits his 2008 interview with Vidal, during which the celebrated man of letters was grumpy, acerbic and eerily prescient about Barack Obama.Read more

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  7. Julian Castro, San Antonio Mayor, to Give DNC Keynote Speech

    7:43 am 7/31/2012

    The 37-year old Texan is considered an up-and-comer, and offers Democrats a chance to connect with an important constituency. Read more

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  8. Barack Obama to Raise $2.4 Million at Manhattan Fundraiser

    1:57 pm 7/30/2012

    With the July fundraising deadline looming, the president once again turns to New York for fast cash. Read more

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  9. Bill Clinton to Make Prime Time DNC Speech; Cheney and McCain Trade Shots

    6:57 am 7/30/2012

    The former president will return to the spotlight with a prime time address to the nation, while the GOP's past leaders bicker publicly.Read more

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  10. Billboard Comparing Obama to Colorado Shooting Suspect Called 'Abhorrent'

    8:46 pm 7/28/2012

    UPDATED: The Idaho display asks why “everyone freaks out” when James Holmes kills 12 people, but the president wins the Nobel Peace Prize after he “kills thousands with foreign policy.”Read more

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