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Barack Obama

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  1. 'Saturday Night Live' Alum Recorded in Anti-Obama Rant (Video)

    4:58 pm 4/23/2012

    In a profane interview hosted by actor-director Kevin Smith, Jon Lovitz complains about the president's class-warfare rhetoric.Read more

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  2. Military Cancels Ted Nugent Performance Citing Violent Rhetoric About Obama

    6:20 pm 4/20/2012

    Getting the boot from Fort Knox is the latest wrinkle in a controversy that began last weekend at an NRA convention and led to a visit from the Secret Service.Read more

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  3. Michael Moore Tells Personal Ted Nugent Story, Calls Rocker 'Sick' (Video)

    12:54 pm 4/20/2012

    The documentary filmmaker, a juror at this year's Tribeca Film Festival, talks to THR about politics and his reaction to the violent rhetoric that came out of the National Rifle Association convention.Read more

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  4. President Obama to Appear on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' On April 24

    6:22 am 4/20/2012

    The guest spot, his first time on the NBC late night show, will take place at a special taping in North Carolina.Read more

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  5. Ted Nugent: Secret Service Meeting 'Could Not Have Gone Better'

    5:35 am 4/20/2012

    The rocker and conservative activist spoke with agents in Oklahoma, clarifying his "chop their heads off" comment.Read more

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  6. Ted Nugent to Meet With Secret Service Agents Investigating His NRA Remarks (Video)

    4:17 pm 4/18/2012

    After his "chop their heads off" metaphor, the rocker tells Glenn Beck: "I don't threaten. I don't waste breath threatening."Read more

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  7. Ted Nugent Calls Himself 'A Black Jew at Nazi-Klan Rally,' Stands by Obama Beheading Statement (Video)

    6:43 am 4/18/2012

    The rocker was defiant during a radio interview on Tuesday, holding fast to his comments, made at an NRA convention, that conservatives must "chop Democrats' heads off" in the coming election.Read more

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  8. DNC Demands Romney Denounce Ted Nugent After Violent Anti-Obama Rhetoric at NRA Convention

    10:20 am 4/17/2012

    The rocker said that conservatives must "cut the heads off" Democrats and compared the President to a coyote that needs to be shot.Read more

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  9. Judge: Obama Administration Must Return Michael Jackson Glove to Dictator's Son

    10:23 am 4/16/2012

    The memorabilia was allegedly used to mask the source of criminal funds from the African nation of Equatorial Guinea, and a judge says that the U.S. government hasn't met pleading standards to seize assets.Read more

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  10. GOP Using Hilary Rosen's Ann Romney Comments to Raise Money

    4:34 pm 4/12/2012

    Sentiments about motherhood from the Democratic operative and former chief lobbyist for the music industry already emblazon bumper stickers and coffee mugs.Read more

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