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Barack Obama

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  1. Bob Dylan Awarded Medal of Freedom, the Nation's Highest Civilian Honor

    5:04 pm 4/26/2012

    President Obama made the announcement recognizing 13 "individuals who have made especially meritorious contributions to the security or national interests of the United States, to world peace or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors."Read more

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  2. Jon Stewart Bemoans Barack Obama's Slow-Jam With Jimmy Fallon (Video)

    1:10 pm 4/26/2012

    "The Daily Show" host says, "You're the President, you don’t have to do this [expletive] anymore."Read more

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  3. Hollywood & Politics: Obama Campaign Co-Chair Eva Longoria Says Mitt Romney is on the Wrong Side of Every Latino Issue (Opinion)

    9:50 am 4/26/2012

    The "Desperate Housewives" actress explains how she walks the political talk and why she would never run for office.Read more

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  4. Hollywood & Politics: Dustin Lance Black Blames Obama and Romney for the Mess of Gay Marriage (Opinion)

    9:33 am 4/26/2012

    The screenwriter and anti-Prop 8 activist says both candidates are "up in the air" on the equal rights issue.Read more

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  5. Why Hollywood Can't Help Obama (Like They Did With Clinton)

    8:00 am 4/26/2012

    Co-creator of the 1992 Bill Clinton film "The Man From Hope," Harry Thomason weighs in on the unbelievable freedom he had to market his friend and why today's climate makes the same concept impossible. Read more

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  6. Voiceover Artists Choose Sides in War of Political Ads

    8:00 am 4/26/2012

    The potential for lucrative paydays draws talent to the work, but alliances with Democrats or Republicans must be carefully chosen. Read more

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  7. Lawrence O'Donnell Slams Conservative Pundits, Presents Presidential Talk Show Montage (Video)

    7:55 am 4/26/2012

    The MSNBC host put together an historical video guide to Presidents appearing on late night shows in response to Fox News criticism of Obama's Tuesday "Late Night" appearance.Read more

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  8. Obama's $500,000 Power Couple

    6:00 am 4/25/2012

    Ted Sarandos and Nicole Avant just made the top tier of Obama "bundlers," raising more than half a million dollars in one night. A second term for the president is just one of their goals.Read more

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  9. President Obama on 'Jimmy Fallon': Slow Jammin' the News, Talking College and Energy (Video)

    5:15 am 4/25/2012

    The President highlighted his plans for college students and spoke about his life in the White House in his first appearance on the show.Read more

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  10. President Obama Guests on 'Jimmy Fallon,' Slow-Jams the News and Talks Student Loans

    1:46 pm 4/24/2012

    The White House pool report relays that the President, in his first "Late Night" appearance, greeted an excited crowd at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.Read more

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