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Brenda Chapman

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  1. Disney Pulls Redesigned 'Brave' Character From Princess Website

    1:09 pm 5/15/2013

    UPDATED: Disney says in a statement that "we routinely use different art styles with our characters and this rendition of Merida in her party dress was a special one-time effort to commemorate her coronation."Read more

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  2. Pixar Director and Producer Put on 'Brave' Face Again Half-Year After Film's Release

    9:12 pm 2/11/2013

    Golden Globe and BAFTA winners Mark Andrews and Katherine Sarafian discuss Pixar's first film with a female protagonist, which is now an Oscar nominee.Read more

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  3. Pixar's Braintrust on the Making of 'Brave' and the Studio's First Princess

    5:47 pm 2/7/2013

    Pixar's first ode to girl power not only changed directors midstream but also forged a new animation system called Presto.Read more

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  4. 'Brave' Featurette: The Story

    12:07 pm 10/29/2012

    Hear the story of 'Brave' told by the cast and crew.Read more

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  5. 'Brave' Featurette: Progression Reel

    12:03 pm 10/29/2012

    See 'Brave' evolve from initial storyboard to final animation.Read more

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