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Charlie Sheen

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  1. ABC to Air Charlie Sheen Promos During Oscars (Exclusive)

    10:25 am 2/27/2011

    The chat with Andrea Canning will air Mon. and Tues. on "Good Morning America" while the bulk of it will be seen Tues. on a special edition of "20/20."Read more

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  2. Joel McHale Makes Charlie Sheen Crack at Indie Spirits

    4:49 pm 2/26/2011

    He pokes fun at the troubled actor during Saturday's awards show. Read more

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  3. Charlie Sheen Gives First Television Interview to ABC

    3:38 pm 2/26/2011

    He plans to discuss his controversial rants and public feud with "Two and a Half Men" co-creator Chuck Lorre during a "20/20" special airing Tuesday. Read more

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  4. Charlie Sheen's Boss: 5 Things You Don't Know About Chuck Lorre

    12:41 pm 2/26/2011

    What the Two and a Half Men co-creator had to say about the actor before their spat; how he almost didn't do TV and what show he says he wishes was his.Read more

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  5. Stars Speak Out Against Charlie Sheen

    11:49 am 2/26/2011

    Denis Leary, Zooey Deschanel and Sarah Silverman are criticizing the troubled actor.Read more

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  6. Charlie Sheen Claims He's Writing a Memoir

    9:34 am 2/26/2011

    Titled "When the Laughter Stopped," the book will expose what went down behind the scenes on "Two and a Half Men," he tells TMZ.Read more

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  7. Charlie Sheen to CBS, Warner Bros: 'We Are at War'

    2:32 pm 2/25/2011

    In a new radio interview, he calls his bosses "Nazis," "turds" and tells the 'Two and a Half Men' crew: "There are ways to deal with these clowns and take all their money."Read more

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  8. The Man Behind Charlie Sheen’s Rants: Meet Syndicated Radio Host Alex Jones

    10:57 am 2/25/2011

    The Texas-based radio host is a magnet for Sheen, who has previously appeared on "The Alex Jones Show" to talk 9/11 conspiracies.Read more

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  9. Bill Maher Mystified by Charlie Sheen’s Loyal Fans: 'There’s No Rationality For it'

    10:40 am 2/25/2011

    "There’s no rhyme or reason. People just like who they like," the "Real Time" host tells The Hollywood Reporter.Read more

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  10. Charlie Sheen Defends Chuck Lorre Rant; Denies He's an Anti-Semite

    9:29 am 2/25/2011

    Though the Anti-Defamation League is criticizing him, the actor says he meant no offense by referring to 'Two and a Half Men' creator by his Jewish name.Read more

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