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Hillary Clinton

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  1. Robert Downey Jr. Says Tony Stark Would Back Hillary Clinton

    10:15 am 5/5/2016

    He's with her, says the 'Captain America: Civil War' actor.Read more

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  2. Fran Lebowitz: "Everyone Has to Love" Hillary Clinton to Protect Us From Donald Trump

    6:28 am 5/5/2016

    "I'm never saying another bad thing about Hillary Clinton."Read more

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  3. Norman Lear Calls on Hollywood Democrats to Unite Behind Hillary Clinton

    5:55 am 5/5/2016

    "Post-Indiana, it's time and it's sensible, sooner rather than later, to unite behind Hillary lest we and our values be trumped," says the iconic television creator and liberal activist.Read more

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  4. "Loose Cannon" and a "Rigged Deal": Trump, Clinton Spar in the Media

    4:39 pm 5/4/2016

    "I don’t think we can take a risk on a loose cannon like Donald Trump running our country," Clinton told CNN, while Trump, now the last GOP candidate standing, said, "She can’t put it away."Read more

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  5. TV Ratings: Fox News Leads Decisive Night for the GOP

    10:46 am 5/4/2016

    Donald Trump solidifying his status as the presumptive nominee and Ted Cruz's concession bring plenty of viewers to the Indiana primary coverage. Read more

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  6. Hillary Clinton, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Beyonce Featured in "Woman Card" Deck

    9:58 am 5/4/2016

    A brother and sister teamed up to create the 52-card deck in response to Donald Trump's comments about the Democratic presidential candidate.Read more

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  7. Donald Trump Praises Ted Cruz, Shifts Focus to Clintons

    7:03 pm 5/3/2016

    "[Hillary Clinton] will be a poor president," the presumptive GOP nominee said, speaking to supporters after Cruz ended his presidential bid Tuesday night.Read more

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  8. Where Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Other Presidential Candidates Vacation

    2:40 pm 4/28/2016

    Because the campaign trail is no walk in the park.Read more

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  9. Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah Tease Donald Trump for Playing "Man Card," "Racist Douchebag Card"

    6:40 am 4/28/2016

    Both late-night hosts tackled the GOP frontrunner's comments about Hillary Clinton playing the "woman card."Read more

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  10. #WomanCard Jokes Abound on Social Media Following Donald Trump's Jab at Hillary Clinton

    1:05 pm 4/27/2016

    "Does the #womancard get you airline points or cash back? Oh, just lower pay and street harassment? Cool!"Read more

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