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Kim Dotcom

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  1. Too Early To Say Whether Kim Dotcom's Mega Is Legal (Analysis)

    8:33 am 1/22/2013

    Hollywood watches 500,000 users sign up in the service's first 14 hours, but Mega's fate in the courts rests on how they use the storage site.Read more

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  2. Kim Dotcom: New Site Is Legal, 'Fresh Start,' Not Revenge on Hollywood

    1:21 am 1/20/2013

    "We'll reserve final judgment until we have a chance to take a closer look," but "count us as skeptical," the MPAA says about Mega.Read more

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  3. Kim Dotcom Launches New File-Sharing Service Called Mega

    11:41 am 1/19/2013

    The Megaupload founder wrote on Twitter that more than 250,000 users had signed up for the net site within a few hours. Read more

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  4. Kim Dotcom's 'Me.Ga' Plan Foiled by Small African Nation

    12:00 pm 11/7/2012

    Gabon forbids the Megaupload founder from using their .ga domain.Read more

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  5. New Zealand Prime Minister Apologizes to Kim Dotcom

    8:18 am 9/27/2012

    John Key reacts to a report that placed blame on NZ's intelligence agency for illegally bugging the Megaupload founder before his arrest in January. "I accept your apology," tweets Dotcom.Read more

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  6. New Zealand Government Admits to Spying Bungle in Kim Dotcom Extradition Case

    10:00 pm 9/24/2012

    NZ's intelligence agency illegally bugged the Megaupload founder and an associate before their arrest, after police mistakenly told them they were foreigners, not residents.Read more

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  7. Hollywood Docket: Book Publishers Settle; Kim Dotcom's Funds Unfrozen; Apple v. Samsung

    11:26 am 8/30/2012

    A roundup of entertainment and media legal newsRead more

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  8. A Hollywood Director Responds to Kim Dotcom: Can I Borrow Your Lamborghini?

    7:00 am 7/25/2012

    A director on ABC/TBS' "Cougar Town" is inspired by the Internet pirate's ability to profit from the works of others.Read more

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  9. New Zealand Judge Quits Kim Dotcom Extradition Case

    2:45 am 7/19/2012

    Internet law expert Judge David Harvey called the U.S. as the “enemy” when discussing trade agreements and copyright.Read more

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  10. Kim Dotcom's Letter to Hollywood

    5:00 am 7/18/2012

    Penning his thoughts for THR from house arrest in New Zealand, the indicted Megaupload founder says, "The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common."Read more

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