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Mitt Romney

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  1. Iowa Caucus Showdown Sparks Comedic Reactions

    5:13 am 1/4/2012

    Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Donald Trump weighed in on Mitt Romney's victory, and other happenings, on Twitter.Read more

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  2. Jon Stewart Compares GOP Race to Amish 'Rumspringa,' Likens Candidates to 'White Man's' Chocolate Sampler

    10:56 pm 1/3/2012

    “Santorum, really? Republicans, you’re gonna try every chocolate in the box?” Stewart joked.Read more

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  3. Rick Santorum's Sweater Vest May Win Him The Iowa Caucus (Poll)

    4:02 pm 1/3/2012

    With a Twitter account, a Facebook page and a music video, the Pennsylvania senator's dorky attire is helping raise the GOP candidate's political profile and presidential hopesRead more

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  4. GOP Candidates' Wives Ann Romney, Callista Gingrich, Anita Perry Work Hard Over the Holidays

    11:17 am 1/2/2012

    The well-dressed wives of several top candidates for the Republican presidential nomination have been busy campaigning for their men prior to the Iowa Republican Caucus on Jan. 3.Read more

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  5. Amusing Parallels Between Iowa Caucus Contenders and Oscar Contenders (Opinion)

    12:04 am 1/2/2012

    And you thought that Rick Perry and Jean Dujardin had nothing in common?!Read more

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  6. Mitt Romney Likens President Obama to Kim Kardashian

    11:02 pm 1/1/2012

    As G.O.P. candidates flock to Iowa ahead of Tuesday's caucus, the former Massachusetts governor makes an unflattering pop culture comparison.Read more

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  7. It's Time for Republican Presidential Candidates to Take a Stand on SOPA (Analysis)

    6:52 am 12/30/2011

    The controversial legislation is on the verge of breaking out as an election issue this political cycle, so why have the candidates been given a pass on taking a strong position either way?Read more

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  8. Mitt Romney Claims He'll Cut Off Funding for PBS, Says He Wants Advertisements on 'Sesame Street' (Video)

    5:56 pm 12/28/2011

    "We're not going to kill Big Bird," the GOP presidential candidate told supporters in Iowa, who also added that he'll "stop certain programs."Read more

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  9. GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Delivers Top 10 List on 'Late Show' (Video)

    5:35 pm 12/19/2011

    The former Massachusetts governor presents the "Top 10 Things Mitt Romney Would Like to Say to the American People" on Monday night's episode of the CBS late-night show.Read more

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