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Nancy Grace

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  1. Casey Anthony Believed to Be in California, NBC News Reports

    9:14 pm 7/19/2011

    Her whereabouts have remained a mystery since she was released from a Florida jail over the weekend.Read more

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  2. Casey Anthony's Jail Release: How the Networks Covered

    4:16 pm 7/17/2011

    Surprisingly, HLN didn’t live broadcast her release, while CNN and MSNBC did.Read more

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  3. Nancy Grace on Her Casey Anthony Coverage: 'I Know That A Lot of People Hate Me'

    5:00 pm 7/7/2011

    The HLN host talks to THR about her take on the trial, the public's perception of her and what's next.Read more

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  4. Casey Anthony Marathon by Nancy Grace to Dominate HLN This Weekend

    2:20 pm 7/7/2011

    Grace will be on air at least 25 hours over the weekend -- 16 hours on Sunday! -- with specials and reports on the trial.Read more

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  5. Nancy Grace on Casey Anthony Trial: What I Should Have Done Differently (Video)

    11:12 pm 7/6/2011

    The HLN talk-show host -- and trained lawyer -- reveals her biggest regret about her coverage of the story and shares how she would have handled the case if she were the prosecutor.Read more

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  6. Casey Anthony Verdict: See the Best Tweets About Nancy Grace's Reaction

    5:29 pm 7/6/2011

    "I hate the idea of someone who's clearly crazy & dangerous going free, but that's apparently the deal with Nancy Grace," writes satirist Andy Borowitz.Read more

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  7. HLN is Most-Watched Cable News Network During Casey Anthony Verdict

    12:55 pm 7/6/2011

    More than 5 million people watched the live verdict on HLN, giving the network its most watched hour ever. Read more

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  8. Nancy Grace Discusses Casey Anthony Trial Verdict on Good Morning America (Video)

    10:27 am 7/6/2011

    The HLN host says that one “kooky jury” won’t stop her pursuit of justice for missing and exploited children.Read more

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  9. Casey Anthony Trial: Televised Video of Defense Team Celebrating at Restaurant Criticized (Video)

    10:49 pm 7/5/2011

    Anderson Cooper and Nancy Grace are among those questioning the appropriateness of the celebration as Caylee's murder remains unsolved.Read more

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  10. Casey Anthony Trial: TV News Pundits Try to Explain Jury's Surprising Verdict

    9:59 pm 7/5/2011

    Dr. Drew Pinsky says jurors likely sympathized with the defendant, while Anthony's former attorney Jennifer Barringer argues that she did in fact get a "fair trial."Read more

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