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Rush Limbaugh

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  1. Rush Limbaugh Syndicator Circulating List of 98 Advertisers Shunning Controversial Programs

    9:12 am 3/10/2012

    A memo reveals that major sponsors are shunning the polarizing conservative and fellow firebrand hosts.Read more

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  2. Keith Olbermann Suspends 'Worst Persons in the World' After Conservatives Cry Double Standard (Video)

    11:05 pm 3/9/2012

    The Current TV host ended the segment, "possibly permanently," after conservatives charged his words about Michelle Malkin and S.E. Cupps were as noxious as Rush Limbaugh's "slut" commentRead more

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  3. Rush Limbaugh Slams AshleyMadison.com's Sponsorship Offer, Vows to 'Never' Run Their Ads

    3:53 pm 3/9/2012

    Amid the mass advertiser exodus from the conservative firebrand’s radio show, the controversial dating site had offered to buy up abandoned ad time.Read more

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  4. Conservative Group Uses Bill Maher and David Letterman to Raise Money (Video)

    10:26 am 3/9/2012

    An organization called She-PAC has released a video montage of the comedians using offensive language to describe Sarah Palin and other prominent Republican women.Read more

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  5. Lawsuit Filed Over Ads on 'The Rush Limbaugh Show'

    6:43 am 3/9/2012

    Two companies were involved in a trademark dispute. One of those companies advertised on Rush's show this week. The other company is now screaming mad.Read more

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  6. 'Rush Limbaugh Show' Broadcasts Five Minutes of Dead Air as Sponsors Continue to Flee

    11:29 pm 3/8/2012

    Of the 86 ads aired during Thursday's New York broadcast, 77 were public service announcements and seven were from companies seeking to pull ads from the talk radio program.Read more

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  7. Bill O'Reilly Talks Erectile Dysfunction, Mitt Romney's Hair on 'The View' (Video)

    10:49 pm 3/8/2012

    The Fox News host weighed in on Rush Limbaugh controversy, called comments about Georgetown Law student “inappropriate.”Read more

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  8. Gloria Allred Asks Authorities to Investigate Rush Limbaugh

    3:44 pm 3/8/2012

    The attorney writes a letter suggesting that the talk-radio host has defamed Sandra Fluke.Read more

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  9. 49 Strong: Rush Limbaugh's Advertiser Exodus Over Sandra Fluke Controversy Continues

    9:52 am 3/8/2012

    Conservative host has yet to stop the bleeding following his incendiary remarks.Read more

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  10. Breitbart's Last In-Depth Interview: MSNBC Plot to Paint Obama Foes as 'Bigots'; Sharpton Hired to Help Mount Attack (Exclusive Audio)

    12:22 am 3/8/2012

    Before he died, the conservative new-media maven was readying a defense from attacks he expected from MSNBC, Media Matters and the White House.Read more

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