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Nominees Night

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  1. 'Mustang' Director Says Cast is Really "One Main Character with Five Heads": Nominees Night

    10:34 am 2/9/2016

    "The adventure of always being together and carrying the movie for months," is the highlight of awards season says Oscar nominated director of 'Mustang,' Deniz Gamze Erguven.Read more

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  2. Joss Whedon Picks 'Sleeping With Other People' and More as Favorites: Nominees Night

    10:28 am 2/9/2016

    "I saw all these movies that just got it done, really beautifullly, and you wouldn't notice, and you wouldn't nominate them for something, but they sat with me."Read more

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  3. 'Martian' Writer Drew Goddard On Meeting Writers He's Revered His Whole Career: Nominees Night

    10:20 am 2/9/2016

    Drew Goddard says, "Meeting the other writers," is the best part of being an Oscar nominee this awards season. "It's really fun. Writing is a very solitary endeavor, and you don't get to meet writer's a lot."Read more

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  4. Tom McCarthy & Josh Singer Say 'Spotlight' Renewed Conversations About Journalism and Surivors

    2:19 am 2/9/2016

    "The Vatican is screening ['Spotlight'] for their council on child protection. It's really starting to reach a new level," says Oscar nominee Tom McCarthy.Read more

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  5. Jennifer Jason Leigh Says "I Love All the Dresses I've Been Able to Wear": Nominees Night

    1:50 am 2/9/2016

    "Aside from the work itself," Oscar nominee Jennifer Jason Leigh's favorite part of awards season is the dress up. "I just love the clothes. For me just getting made up and getting into the beautiful dresses, I'm happy to call it a night right there."Read more

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  6. Alicia Vikander on Being an 'It Girl' Plus Her Favorite Drinking Game: Nominees Night

    1:42 am 2/9/2016

    Oscar nominee Alicia Vikander ('The Danish Girl') also starred in this year's hit film 'Ex Machina'. She talks to THR's Scott Feinberg about her breakout year as an international star, style icon, and 'it girl.' Read more

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  7. Nominees Night: Follow the Action Inside THR's Star-Studded Bash

    2:47 pm 2/8/2016

    Read THR's real-time commentary from the glittery soiree, taking place Monday at Spago.Read more

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  8. Bradley Cooper Recounts His Oscar Nomination Reaction (Video)

    8:50 am 2/3/2015

    At The Hollywood Reporter's Nominees Night party, Bradley Cooper talks about his third Oscar nod for 'American Sniper' being nothing like his other two experiences ('Silver Linings Playbook' and 'American Hustle'). Read more

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  9. Laura Dern Talks About Bringing Father Bruce Dern to the Oscar Luncheon (Video)

    8:43 am 2/3/2015

    At The Hollywood Reporter's Nominees Night party, Laura Dern ('Wild') explains what it was like to bring her father, Bruce Dern, to the Oscar luncheon this year, where she went as his date last year for his nomination for 'Nebraska. 'Read more

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  10. Director Ava DuVernay Talks About the Impact of 'Selma' (Video)

    8:35 am 2/3/2015

    At The Hollywood Reporter's Nominees Night party, Selma director Ava DuVernay discussed the making of the film and how it has affected her life and the lives of many castmembers who were a part of it.Read more

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