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Desperate Housewives Trial

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  1. 'Desperate Housewives' Retrial Set for September

    9:58 am 4/18/2012

    A jury failed to reach a verdict in March in the first trial between Nicollette Sheridan and ABC over whether she was terminated from "Housewives" as retaliation for complaining about an altercation with series creator Marc Cherry. Read more

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  2. Nicollette Sheridan, ABC Back in Court as Judge Considers Retrial of 'Housewives' Case

    5:00 am 4/18/2012

    After the fired actress' first trial ended in a hung jury, the two sides head to court Wednesday in her case seeking $5.7 million.Read more

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  3. 'Desperate Housewives' Jurors Shed Light on Mistrial (Analysis)

    3:48 pm 3/19/2012

    Two jurors, Beverly Crosby and Johnny Huynh, both said the case came down to the credibility of the witnesses. “There were a lot of people the jurors found not credible,” said Crosby.Read more

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  4. Mistrial Declared in 'Desperate Housewives' Case as Jury Leans Toward Sheridan

    12:08 pm 3/19/2012

    UPDATED: The jury said it was split 8-4 in favor of Nicollette Sheridan.Read more

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  5. 'Desperate Housewives' Trial: ABC Lawyer Says 'No Settlement'

    4:25 pm 3/16/2012

    "The judge asked the two parties to talk," says ABC lead lawyer Adam Levin. "It went nowhere. I'm going to take another yoga class. Have a nice weekend."Read more

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  6. 'Desperate Housewives' Jury 'Hopelessly Deadlocked on a Verdict'

    1:52 pm 3/16/2012

    UPDATED: The jury is said by the judge to be split 8-4, though it was not specified which way it is leaning. Read more

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  7. 'Desperate Housewives' Jury Says It's Having Trouble Reaching a Verdict

    4:26 pm 3/15/2012

    The 12-person panel, which has been considering the evidence since closing arguments ended Wednesday afternoon, told the judge Thursday that they hadn't reached a verdict and were having a hard time doing so.Read more

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  8. 'Desperate Housewives' Trial: Closing Arguments Ask Jurors Who They Believe

    2:29 pm 3/14/2012

    Nicollette Sheridan is asking jurors to believe her emotional argument that "Housewives" producer Marc Cherry, ABC and Touchstone Television conspired to kill off her character. ABC is citing several witnesses who repeatedly said the decision to kill off Sheridan was made months before the Cherry/Sheridan fight.Read more

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  9. 'Housewives' Trial: ABC Lawyer Calls Sheridan 'Desperate' in Closing Argument

    12:11 pm 3/14/2012

    "A word has been on my mind and that word is 'desperate,' " ABC lead lawyer Adam Levin told the jury of Sheridan's case. Read more

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  10. 'Desperate Housewives' Trial: Sheridan Lawyer Hammers ABC in Closing Argument

    11:05 am 3/14/2012

    "Everyone at Touchstone was in the loop helping orchestrate the record," Baute tells the jury. "The got together to create a record of justifiable firing."Read more

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