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Busan International Film Festival

Latest News

  1. Dangerously Excited: Busan Film Review

    3:10 am 10/11/2011

    Sophomore Korean director Koo Ja-hong tells a story of kids trying to live their pop star dreams.Read more

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  2. The Perfect Stranger: Busan Film Review

    2:57 am 10/11/2011

    Toni Bestard’s unassuming debut has a Being There quality as a stranger with no Spanish language skills completely transforms a Spanish village by means of his silence and stares.Read more

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  3. Choked: Busan Film Review

    2:33 am 10/11/2011

    Director-writer Kim Joong-hyun tackles rampant materialism and obsession with status in a Korean society going through recession.Read more

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  4. Here...or There?: Busan Film Review

    2:12 am 10/11/2011

    Actor-writer-editor Jean-Luc Mello creates a metaphysical film-within-a-film that showcases his talents while exploring small town or suburban life in Vietnam. Read more

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  5. Pink: Busan Film Review

    1:59 am 10/11/2011

    Busan’s resident auteur Jeon Soo-il relates a tale of hardship in a nearly abandoned seaside community in his typical austere style.Read more

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  6. War of the Arrows: Busan Film Review

    1:36 am 10/11/2011

    Korean director/screenwriter Kim Han-min brings archery to new cinematic heights in this period actioner.Read more

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  7. BUSAN FILM FESTIVAL: THR's Festival Daily

    11:00 am 10/10/2011

    News, reviews and analysis from the fifth day of the Korean festival, including a look at Kevin Spacey's "Inseparable."Read more

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  8. Punch: Busan Film Review

    9:33 am 10/10/2011

    Plenty of punches, both physical and emotional, get thrown around in the latest by traditional sentimentalist Lee Han.Read more

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  9. Niño: Busan Film Review

    9:18 am 10/10/2011

    'Niño,' which observes how a Philippine family living in genteel poverty reacts to the sale of the ancestral mansion, is Chekovian in theme, Victorian in plot and performed in the raised pitch of daytime soaps.Read more

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  10. 'The Host' Makes Monster Comeback

    9:00 am 10/10/2011

    "The Host" has returned with an extra dimension, but the makers of the new 3D version say it remains true to the 2006 South Korean monster thriller.Read more

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