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Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

Latest News

  1. The Deflowering of Eva Van End: Karlovy Vary Review

    5:35 pm 7/3/2013

    Todd Solondz meets Pasolini in this bittersweet Dutch coming-of-age comedy.Read more

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  2. Oliver Stone on NSA Leaker Edward Snowden: 'I Would Give Him Asylum'

    7:32 am 7/3/2013

    The Hollywood director says he's disappointed by leaders in Europe, India and Brazil for rejecting refugee bids by the National Security Agency leaker.Read more

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  3. Czechs Face Film-Financing Double Whammy as Tax Rebate Fails to Deliver, Local Fund Delayed

    11:56 am 7/2/2013

    One measure isn't producing a promised 20 percent cash back as another awaits legal approval.Read more

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  4. September: Karlovy Vary Review

    5:26 am 7/2/2013

    Penny Panayotopoulou's second feature centers on a solitary Greek woman whose inner life is exposed after her dog dies.Read more

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  5. XL: Karlovy Vary Review

    4:38 pm 7/1/2013

    Stylish but shallow character study of an Icelandic politician addicted to alcohol, sex and debauchery.Read more

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  6. The Unsaved: Karlovy Vary Review

    4:30 pm 7/1/2013

    Moldovan director Igor Cobileanski's first film, co-written by renowned Romanian New Wave helmer Corneliu Porumboiu, focuses on a teenager trying to better his miserable life. Read more

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  7. Karlovy Vary: Jerry Schatzberg at Work on 'Scarecrow' Sequel

    9:05 am 7/1/2013

    The celebrity photographer and filmmaker concedes the project remains a long-shot without original rights holder Warner Bros. and co-star Al Pacino getting onside. Read more

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  8. Multilingual Radio Station to Make International Film Festivals More Accessible

    7:09 am 7/1/2013

    FRED station will stream news and reviews over the Internet, mobile devices and podcasts.Read more

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  9. Killing Season: Karlovy Vary Review

    10:53 am 6/29/2013

    Robert De Niro and John Travolta go mano a mano in Mark Steven Johnson's film about two ex-soldiers with some unresolved business.Read more

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  10. Michel Gondry's 'Mood Indigo' Opens Karlovy Vary

    8:29 am 6/28/2013

    The Oscar-winning director introduced his latest film, which stars Romain Duris, after Audrey Tautou pulled out of appearing at the screening.Read more

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