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Locarno Film Festival

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  1. 'Navajazo': Locarno Review

    1:50 am 8/21/2014

    Mexican director Ricardo Silva's experimental portrait of Tijuana took top prize in the Swiss festival's "Cineasti del presente" competitionRead more

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  2. 'To Life' ('A la vie'): Locarno Review

    2:11 pm 8/20/2014

    Julie Depardieu, Suzanne Clement and Johanna ter Steege star in Jean-Jacques Zilbermann's film that's inspired by his mother and her girlfriendsRead more

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  3. 'Fidelio: Alice's Journey' ('Fidelio: L'odyssee d'Alice'): Locarno Review

    7:32 am 8/20/2014

    Lucie Borleteau's globe-trotting romantic drama premiered at the Swiss festival, winning Best Actress for Ariane LabedRead more

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  4. 'Marie's Story' ('Marie Heurtin'): Locarno Review

    12:39 am 8/19/2014

    French actress Isabelle Carre plays a nun who is determined to teach a deaf and blind girl sign language in this biopic set in rural France at the turn of the century. Read more

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  5. 'August Winds' ('Ventos de agosto'): Locarno Review

    3:31 pm 8/17/2014

    Actress Dandara de Morais and non-professional Geova Manoel dos Santos star in this arty fiction feature debut from Brazilian documentary director Gabriel MascaroRead more

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  6. Filipino Director Lav Diaz Takes Home Top Prize in Locarno

    4:27 am 8/16/2014

    The festival favorite wins big for his latest film, a five-and-a-half-hour epicRead more

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  7. 'Tour de force' ('Hin und weg'): Locarno Review

    11:21 am 8/15/2014

    German actors Florian David Fitz and Juergen Vogel go on a bike trip to the land of chocolate and euthanasia in this serio-comic tearjerker from director Christian Zuebert Read more

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  8. 'Los hongos': Locarno Review

    10:48 am 8/15/2014

    The sophomore feature from Oscar Ruiz Navia ("Crab Trap") stars Jovan Alexis Marquinez Angulo and Calvin Buenaventura Tascon as two graffiti-artist buddies in Cali, Colombia.Read more

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  9. 'Horse Money' ('Cavalo dinheiro'): Locarno Review

    4:55 am 8/15/2014

    Portuguese writer-director Pedro Costa's latest collaboration with non-pro performer "Ventura" world-premiered at the long-running Swiss festivalRead more

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  10. 'Gyeongju': Locarno Review

    11:14 pm 8/14/2014

    Korean-Chinese helmer Zhang Lu evokes love, laughter and loss in a tomb-strewn townRead more

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