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Sundance Film Festival

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  1. Adrian Grenier: “I Was Really Attracted to the Darkness and the Comedy, the Blend of the Two”

    6:41 pm 1/23/2016

    “I don’t think you play a tone, you play intentions.”Read more

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  2. Lorraine Toussaint on Playing a Black Maid “I Was Surprised on How Invisible I Had to Be"

    6:41 pm 1/23/2016

    “In my spirit there was a kind of shrinking that had to happen where litterally I could be in the room, but no one would see me. That was a survival mechanism I think for people of color then. I didn’t know that in my body. That was surprising.”Read more

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  3. Sundance: Rebecca Hall Plays Suicidal Anchor Christine Chubbuck, Who "Desperately Wants to Live"

    5:07 pm 1/23/2016

    The actress stars alongside Michael C. Hall and Tracy Letts as the depressed Florida newscaster who infamously shot herself on live television in 1974.Read more

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  4. Sundance: Casey Affleck, Kyle Chandler Talk Family Matters of 'Manchester by the Sea'

    4:41 pm 1/23/2016

    The film once had John Krasinski and Matt Damon attached to star, and director Kenneth Lonergan joked, "I think Casey is a wonderful actor — much better than Matt!"Read more

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  5. Spike Lee: “I Can Say Two Words: Michael Jackson. End of Discussion.”

    4:36 pm 1/23/2016

    “What I found interesting is a lot of people interviewed, 'Off the Wall' is their favorite album of the three: 'Off the Wall', 'Thriller', and 'Bad', again the three were Quincy Jones.”Read more

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  6. Sundance: John Krasinski, Margo Martindale Face the Vulnerability of Childhood Homes

    4:12 pm 1/23/2016

    "Being confronted with an older version of yourself is really intense, and I think also being confronted with an older version of what people think you are," the 'Hollars' director and star Krasinski told THR.Read more

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  7. Rebecca Hall Tackles Difficult Subject Matter as Real-Life News Anchor Christine Chubbuck

    4:10 pm 1/23/2016

    "This is a story about someone who desperately wants to live and tries very, very, very hard, and you watch her trying. That's what's compelling and moving about it."Read more

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  8. John Krasinski Reveals Why He Decided to Direct ‘The Hollars’

    3:42 pm 1/23/2016

    “It’s not about comedy or drama or acting or directing, it’s just about what can I do to pursue the best story that’s out there.”Read more

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  9. ‘Tallulah’: Sundance Review

    3:07 pm 1/23/2016

    Ellen Page, Allison Janney and Tammy Blanchard star in Sian Heder's debut feature, a comedy-drama about terrible parenting.Read more

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  10. John Krasinski: “Being Confronted With an Older Version of Yourself is a Really Intense Thing”

    3:06 pm 1/23/2016

    ‘The Hollars’ “is a really unique exploration of what family is, the complexities, and how special family is and how it’s very difficult to navigate those things sometimes and join those things sometimes.”Read more

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