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Sundance Film Festival

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  1. Berlin: Fashion Drama 'The Model' Sells for France, Korea

    4:43 am 2/12/2015

    Model-turned-actress Maria Palm stars in Mads Matthiesen's new feature alongside 'Transporter' star Ed Skrein.Read more

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  2. 'The Strongest Man': Sundance Review

    1:31 pm 2/5/2015

    Director Kenny Riches' second film stars Robert 'Meatball' Lorie in the title role alongside 'Gone Girl' supporting players Patrick Fugit and Lisa BanesRead more

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  3. ‘Pioneers’ Palace’: Sundance Review

    1:56 am 2/5/2015

    The second film from Bobby Paunescu, best known for his work as a producer with Cristi Puiu ('The Death of Mr. Lazarescu'), tracks young people, prostitutes and gangsters in early 90s BucharestRead more

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  4. Sundance Wrap: Business Is Brisk, But Where Was Harvey Weinstein?

    5:00 am 2/4/2015

    It was one of the most seller-friendly festivals in recent memory, with a total of 35 sales, but for a second consecutive Sundance, the movie mogul left empty-handed.Read more

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  5. 'The Chinese Mayor' ('Datong'): Sundance Review

    1:37 am 2/4/2015

    Chinese documentary filmmaker Zhou Hao follows the mayor of a Chinese city who decides to relocate half a million people to make room for an immense cultural projectRead more

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  6. 'Listen to Me Marlon': Sundance Review

    1:23 am 2/4/2015

    With never-before-seen photos and film footage, British documentarian Stevan Riley delivers an enthrallingly intimate look at the brilliant, troubled and always charismatic screen legend.Read more

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  7. 'Chlorine' ('Cloro'): Sundance Review

    7:56 am 2/3/2015

    NYU-schooled Italian director Lamberto Sanfelice's debut feature stars Sara Seraiocco ('Salvo') and Ivan Franek ('La Grande Bellezza')Read more

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  8. 'Ivy': Sundance Review

    1:38 am 2/2/2015

    The second feature of Turkish director Tolga Karacelik ('Toll Booth'), set aboard an anchored bulk carrier, was shot by 'Winter Sleep' cinematographer Gokhan TiryakiRead more

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  9. ‘Operation Arctic (Operasjon arktis)’: Sundance Review

    7:03 pm 1/31/2015

    A handsomely produced children's film that was right behind 'Frozen' and 'How to Train Your Dragon 2' in Norway's 2014 box office top ten.Read more

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