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Sundance Film Festival

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  1. Fix ME -- Film Review

    8:41 am 1/28/2010

    Filmmaker Raed Andoni has superseded the talking-heads documentary by filming a talking-from-back-of-heads opus.Read more

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  2. The Romantics -- Film Review

    2:27 pm 1/27/2010

    VIDEO: It's a long night's journey into day for a bride, her groom and seven close friends in "The Romantics," writer-producer Galt Niederhoffer's initial foray into directing.Read more

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  3. Obselidia -- Film Review

    1:58 pm 1/27/2010

    Neologisms and a quirky point of view aren't enough to save "Obselidia" from the obscurity that the film's central character obsessively dreads.Read more

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  4. 3 Backyards -- Film Review

    1:36 pm 1/27/2010

    VIDEO: A slice-of-life story cut too thin, "3 Backyards" is a minimalist glimpse into the lives of a burg of uninteresting people.Read more

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  5. Contracorriente (Undertow) -- Film Review

    12:48 pm 1/27/2010

    An artist is drowned by the undertow of the Peru coastline, emblematic of his life as a gay man being dragged down by a close-minded Catholic-macho community.Read more

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  6. It's A Wonderful Afterlife -- Film Review

    8:03 am 1/27/2010

    VIDEO: The "Bend It Like Beckham" crew goes supernatural in a feel-good flick about a serial killer who just wants what's best for her daughter.Read more

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  7. The Kids Are All Right -- Film Review

    2:45 am 1/27/2010

    As Lisa Cholodenko's latest Southern California-set feature plays out, the title may seem particularly apt.Read more

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  8. Space Tourists -- Film Review

    7:09 pm 1/26/2010

    Even us Baby Boomers who got advanced math shoved down our throats in the wake of Yuri Gagarin's trek aboard Sputnik, and couldn't care less about outer space, will be entertained by this spry, melancholy glimpse into the last half-century's race to space.Read more

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  9. Holy Rollers -- Film Review

    7:09 pm 1/26/2010

    With a narrative based on news accounts about Hasidic Jews smuggling ecstasy into the U.S. from Europe during the '90s, "Holy Rollers" squanders a fascinating premise with predictable execution.Read more

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  10. Abel -- Film Review

    4:47 pm 1/26/2010

    "Abel," helmed by Mexican actor Diego Luna making his feature-directing debut, is the tale of a psychologically troubled nine-year-old boy who imagines he is the head of his fractured family.Read more

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