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Sundance Film Festival

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  1. SUNDANCE REVIEW: Festival Winner 'If a Tree Falls' a Compelling Doc About Radical Environmentalism

    3:21 pm 1/30/2011

    Marshall Curry's documentary, which won an editing award, centers on activist members of the Earth Liberation Front categorized as "domestic terrorists" by the FBI.Read more

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  2. SUNDANCE REVIEW: 'Hell and Back Again'

    1:54 pm 1/30/2011

    Danfung Dennis presents a powerful depiction of the horrors and daily violence of our ongoing war in Afghanistan.Read more

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  3. SUNDANCE REVIEW: Experimental Horror Flick 'The Oregonian' Fails to Grab Audience

    9:29 pm 1/29/2011

    A would-be experimental horror film that earns more giggles than gasps, "The Oregonian" starts off as an exercise in lead-footed David Lynch mimicry and heads downhill quickly.Read more

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  4. SUNDANCE: 2011 Festival Award Winners

    6:00 pm 1/29/2011

    Drake Doremus' "Like Crazy," starring Felicity Jones, Anton Yelchin and Jennifer Lawrence, was awarded the grand jury prize for U.S. dramatic film Saturday night at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival awards ceremony hosted by Tim Blake Nelson. The awards were streamed live online.Read more

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  5. SUNDANCE: Mike Cahill's 'Another Earth' Wins Sloan Prize, Plus Other News

    5:28 pm 1/29/2011

    Late-fest news from Park City, including deals, plus "May in the Summer" director Cherien Dabis awarded the 2011 Sundance / NHK International Filmmaker Award and Mike Cahill's 'Another Earth' winning the Alfred P. Sloan prize.Read more

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  6. SUNDANCE REVIEW: Engaging Performances Lift Disheartening 'The Salesman'

    4:50 pm 1/29/2011

    A slow slice of life in tough times interrupted by very bad news, Salesman matches economic downturn with the frozen-over landscape of Northern Quebec.Read more

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  7. SUNDANCE BREAKOUT: Brit Marling of ‘Another Earth’

    2:06 pm 1/29/2011

    The actress also co-wrote and produced "Earth" as well as "Sound of My Voice."Read more

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  8. The Interrupters: Sundance Review

    1:39 pm 1/29/2011

    An eye-opening account of efforts to end an epidemic of violence in Chicago, "The Interrupters" alternates between shocking glimpses of how bad things have gotten there and a surprisingly convincing optimism about new methods of addressing the problem. Read more

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  9. Flypaper: Sundance Review

    1:00 pm 1/29/2011

    Rob Minkoff’s first independent production following a string of successful family-oriented studio pictures, heist comedy "Flypaper" represents a favorable transition, although it’s not without a few speed bumps along the way.Read more

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  10. Beats, Rhymes & Life: Film Review

    11:46 am 1/29/2011

    Actor Michael Rapaport's doc about the interpersonal turmoil between members of the seminal hip-hop act opens in New York and L.A. Friday.Read more

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