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Sundance Film Festival

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  1. Homewrecker -- Film Review

    11:20 am 1/26/2010

    "Homewrecker" is an example of what two manic brothers -- Brad Barnes and Todd Barnes -- with little money and a lot of imagination can produce.Read more

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  2. Lovers of Hate -- Film Review

    9:54 am 1/26/2010

    Designed to make you laugh and squirm, "Lovers of Hate" does more of the latter. The film employs the humor of discomfort to make its points about sibling rivalry.Read more

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  3. Exit Through the Gift Shop -- Film Review

    9:08 am 1/26/2010

    Questions of authorship, authenticity and credibility cleave through 'Exit Through the Gift Shop,' a nearly unclassifiable hybrid documentary film by international 'street artist' phenom Banksy.Read more

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  4. Bass Ackwards -- Film Review

    8:30 am 1/26/2010

    The kind of introspective road film plenty of aspiring auteurs would probably like to make but few can pull off, "Bass Ackwards" follows a floundering hero without floundering itself.Read more

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  5. Skateland: Film Review

    7:30 pm 1/25/2010

    "Skateland" is every coming-of-age-after-high-school movie you've ever seen with a formulaic plot and well-worn characters.Read more

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  6. The Imperialists Are Still Alive! -- Film Review

    7:30 pm 1/25/2010

    "The Imperialists Are Still Alive!" is an admirable film in many ways as its young writer-director, Zeina Durra, explores a subculture right before our eyes that remains mostly unseen. The film is fresh and funny, but it is also meandering, at times vague and defiantly uncommercial.Read more

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  7. Freedom Riders -- Film Review

    6:45 pm 1/25/2010

    Overcoming the limitations of a familiar format thanks to the sheer heroism of its tale, "Freedom Riders" digs deep into a critical chapter of the civil rights struggle and brings it to life in a plain but stirring way.Read more

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  8. Boy: Film Review

    2:34 pm 1/25/2010

    A cross between "The 400 Blows" and "Slumdog Millionaire" (though not quite in their class), "Boy" follows a group of kids during a sleepy summer in a Maori community on the rural East Coast of New Zealand.Read more

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  9. Memories of Overdevelopment -- Film Review

    2:25 pm 1/25/2010

    Miguel Coyula's rambling, highly personal distillation of the Cuban revolution and its effects on a disillusioned intellectual is thoughtful and cinematically bold, but its complex structure and subject matter will limit it to the festival circuit.Read more

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  10. Winter's Bone -- Film Review

    2:16 pm 1/25/2010

    Six years after winning an award here for "Down to the Bone," director Debra Granik returns to Sundance with her follow-up, "Winter's Bone," a grim story of persistence set deep in the Ozarks.Read more

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