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Sundance Film Festival

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  1. Freedom Riders -- Film Review

    6:45 pm 1/25/2010

    Overcoming the limitations of a familiar format thanks to the sheer heroism of its tale, "Freedom Riders" digs deep into a critical chapter of the civil rights struggle and brings it to life in a plain but stirring way.Read more

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  2. Boy: Film Review

    2:34 pm 1/25/2010

    A cross between "The 400 Blows" and "Slumdog Millionaire" (though not quite in their class), "Boy" follows a group of kids during a sleepy summer in a Maori community on the rural East Coast of New Zealand.Read more

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  3. Memories of Overdevelopment -- Film Review

    2:25 pm 1/25/2010

    Miguel Coyula's rambling, highly personal distillation of the Cuban revolution and its effects on a disillusioned intellectual is thoughtful and cinematically bold, but its complex structure and subject matter will limit it to the festival circuit.Read more

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  4. Winter's Bone -- Film Review

    2:16 pm 1/25/2010

    Six years after winning an award here for "Down to the Bone," director Debra Granik returns to Sundance with her follow-up, "Winter's Bone," a grim story of persistence set deep in the Ozarks.Read more

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  5. The Red Chapel -- Film Review

    1:53 pm 1/25/2010

    Deceit matches deceit in "The Red Chapel," a doc whose many layers of propaganda, indoctrination, and pranksterism collide in bewildering ways that, while not the stuff of a big nonfiction hit, could draw attention in a modest arthouse run.Read more

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  6. The Man Next Door -- Film Review

    1:45 pm 1/25/2010

    A dry Argentine comedy with a subversive streak and style to burn, "The Man Next Door" moves in unexpected directions while remaining viewer-friendly, and should get a very good reception on the arthouse circuit.Read more

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  7. Night Catches Us -- Film Review

    1:09 pm 1/25/2010

    Driven by Anthony Mackie's powerful performance and a thumping soundtrack, the film could catch the attention of an urban theatrical audience.Read more

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  8. Nuummioq -- Film Review

    12:57 pm 1/25/2010

    Anchored by a riveting performance by Lars Rosing as a robust young man diagnosed with terminal cancer, the film is not easygoing or for all audiences, but for those willing to venture, they will be rewarded with a deeply felt, finely realized film.Read more

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  9. Sins of My Father -- Film Review

    12:46 pm 1/25/2010

    Think about your family history and the black sheep and how you would answer for their transgressions. Multiply that difficulty by infinity and you would face what druglord Pablo Escobar's son has had to answer for.Read more

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  10. Douchebag -- Film Review

    12:43 pm 1/25/2010

    The unexpected reunion of two young men leads to an ill-advised eventful project in "Douchebag," a clever DIY comedy that could be this year's "Humpday" for art house audiences in search of characters they recognize from their own lives.Read more

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