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Sundance Film Festival

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  1. The Dry Land -- Film Review

    10:28 am 1/25/2010

    "The Dry Land" is not the first movie about returning vets, but there are never too many as long as the story is compelling.Read more

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  2. Secrets of the Tribe -- Film Review

    10:05 am 1/25/2010

    Anthropologists may travel to remote lands studying strange, complicated communities, but judging from "Secrets of the Tribe," some of them could find just as much material by staying at school and investigating each other.Read more

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  3. The Runaways -- Film Review

    9:29 am 1/25/2010

    VIDEO: "The Runaways" bursts with energy, youth, excess, female empowerment, sex, drug and rock 'n' roll. It's an instant hit worldwide with its cast of young stars, but is it any good? Surprisingly, yes.Read more

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  4. Bhutto -- Film Review

    8:49 am 1/25/2010

    As much a history of modern Pakistan as a portrait of the political dynasty that periodically led the country over two decades, "Bhutto" offers a complex and sometimes confounding perspective on its titular family.Read more

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  5. Jack Goes Boating -- Film Review

    4:21 pm 1/24/2010

    An encouraging film for the large Philip Seymour Hoffman fan club -- he directs with the same energy and integrity he brings to his acting.Read more

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  6. Welcome to the Rileys -- Film Review

    8:29 pm 1/23/2010

    Despite its selection in Sundance's Dramatic Competition, where one expects experimental and edgy works, the film feels old-fashioned and somewhat removed from contemporary indie filmmaking.Read more

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  7. The Company Men -- Film Review

    8:09 pm 1/23/2010

    A sober, clear-eyed study of how corporate layoffs force men to reassess the meaning of success in their lives and with their families.Read more

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  8. Please Give -- Film Review

    4:43 pm 1/23/2010

    In "Please Give," Sundance regular Nicole Holofcener has made perhaps the ultimate New York movie.Read more

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  9. HappyThankYouMorePlease -- Film Review

    3:27 pm 1/22/2010

    PARK CITY -- You've been here before, of course, that roundelay of young, middle-class New Yorkers dealing with fragile relationships and risky career moves, all while living in Manhattan digs they couldn't possibly afford.Read more

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  10. Howl -- Film Review

    7:49 pm 1/21/2010

    "Howl" gets Sundance 2010 off to a rousing, albeit flawed start, exactly the way you want the indie king to begin.Read more

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