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Sundance Film Festival

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  1. Nuummioq -- Film Review

    12:57 pm 1/25/2010

    Anchored by a riveting performance by Lars Rosing as a robust young man diagnosed with terminal cancer, the film is not easygoing or for all audiences, but for those willing to venture, they will be rewarded with a deeply felt, finely realized film.Read more

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  2. Sins of My Father -- Film Review

    12:46 pm 1/25/2010

    Think about your family history and the black sheep and how you would answer for their transgressions. Multiply that difficulty by infinity and you would face what druglord Pablo Escobar's son has had to answer for.Read more

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  3. Douchebag -- Film Review

    12:43 pm 1/25/2010

    The unexpected reunion of two young men leads to an ill-advised eventful project in "Douchebag," a clever DIY comedy that could be this year's "Humpday" for art house audiences in search of characters they recognize from their own lives.Read more

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  4. The Killer Inside Me -- Film Review

    12:05 pm 1/25/2010

    The savage wit of Jim Thompson is just another casualty, albeit the only unintentional one, in "The Killer Inside Me," an adaptation that looks good but can't find the right tone in depicting its Andy Griffith-meets-"American Psycho" anti-hero.Read more

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  5. Sympathy for Delicious: Film Review

    11:46 am 1/25/2010

    The Lord's ways are mysterious if not downright perverse in "Sympathy for Delicious," an unusual tale of miracles and self-doubt that marks the feature-directing debut of Mark Ruffalo.Read more

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  6. Hesher: Film Review

    10:55 am 1/25/2010

    A movie about loss for audiences who would like to firebomb the Hallmark Channel, "Hesher" enters with a metal riff and, even when it's time to, can't quite bring itself to go soft.Read more

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  7. Cyrus -- Film Review

    10:37 am 1/25/2010

    A romance laced with psychological poison, "Cyrus" is a well-performed but superficial drama of emotional co-dependency that is unlikely to venture past the select-site/festival circuit.Read more

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  8. The Dry Land -- Film Review

    10:28 am 1/25/2010

    "The Dry Land" is not the first movie about returning vets, but there are never too many as long as the story is compelling.Read more

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  9. Secrets of the Tribe -- Film Review

    10:05 am 1/25/2010

    Anthropologists may travel to remote lands studying strange, complicated communities, but judging from "Secrets of the Tribe," some of them could find just as much material by staying at school and investigating each other.Read more

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  10. The Runaways -- Film Review

    9:29 am 1/25/2010

    VIDEO: "The Runaways" bursts with energy, youth, excess, female empowerment, sex, drug and rock 'n' roll. It's an instant hit worldwide with its cast of young stars, but is it any good? Surprisingly, yes.Read more

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