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Sundance Film Festival

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  1. Mother and Child -- Film Review

    5:29 pm 9/15/2009

    Like many of Garcia's films, "Mother and Child" plays very well to adult female audiences. Thanks to a name cast -- his scripts attract major talent -- the film should carve out a niche for itself in specialty venues and on cable television.Read more

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  2. Get Low -- Film Review

    5:09 pm 9/13/2009

    "Get Low" coasts along on Southern folkloric whimsy and sly humor for a good while but can't escape the fact that, as backwoods legends go, this one lacks a real payoff.Read more

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  3. I Am Love -- Film Review

    2:55 pm 9/7/2009

    Luca Guadagnino's "I Am Love" starts off dynamically, even with its old-fashioned credits and majestic symphonic flair. No coincidence, the film is a modern melodrama, both sweeping and constrained, that blooms slowly.Read more

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  4. Enter the Void -- Film Review

    3:16 pm 5/22/2009

    It goes without saying that "Enter the Void" is violent, but its obsessive emphasis on sex and drugs -- to the point that most viewers are going to feel utterly bludgeoned by both -- makes it virtually unwatchable, especially at its unofficial "director's cut" length of 160 minutes.Read more

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  5. Art & Copy -- Film Review

    11:56 am 4/6/2009

    A comprehensive history of modern-day advertising, this Sundance documentary entrant is an embracing glimpse into big industry, pop culture and the creative process.Read more

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  6. The Shock Doctrine -- Film Review

    1:34 pm 2/9/2009

    Michael Winterbottom and Mat Whitecross' "The Shock Doctrine" is an illustrated movie guide to Naomi Klein's best-selling book that attacks so-called "disaster capitalism." As such, the movie fails to make her case.Read more

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  7. Film Review: The Messenger

    11:18 am 1/30/2009

    Offering another perspective on the Iraq war's impact on returning soldiers, "The Messenger" gingerly probes wounds that are still healing with admirable empathy and insight.Read more

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  8. Film Review: The Missing Person

    11:29 am 1/29/2009

    Writer-director Noah Buschel's third feature, "The Missing Person," is a low-key mystery that's initially engaging but ultimately lacks sufficient intrigue to sustain interest.Read more

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  9. Film Review: Sin Nombre

    11:25 am 1/28/2009

    With a first-time feature filmmaker and a cast little-known outside Central America, Focus Features will face a considerable challenge appealing to both the art house and Spanish-speaking markets when it releases the film in March.Read more

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  10. Film Review: The Informers

    1:45 pm 1/26/2009

    Considering that none of Bret Easton Ellis' controversial novels has ever been turned into a particularly successful movie, it's amazing that filmmakers continue to find backers for adaptations of his work.Read more

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