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Sundance Film Festival

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  1. Get Low -- Film Review

    5:09 pm 9/13/2009

    "Get Low" coasts along on Southern folkloric whimsy and sly humor for a good while but can't escape the fact that, as backwoods legends go, this one lacks a real payoff.Read more

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  2. I Am Love -- Film Review

    2:55 pm 9/7/2009

    Luca Guadagnino's "I Am Love" starts off dynamically, even with its old-fashioned credits and majestic symphonic flair. No coincidence, the film is a modern melodrama, both sweeping and constrained, that blooms slowly.Read more

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  3. Enter the Void -- Film Review

    3:16 pm 5/22/2009

    It goes without saying that "Enter the Void" is violent, but its obsessive emphasis on sex and drugs -- to the point that most viewers are going to feel utterly bludgeoned by both -- makes it virtually unwatchable, especially at its unofficial "director's cut" length of 160 minutes.Read more

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  4. Art & Copy -- Film Review

    11:56 am 4/6/2009

    A comprehensive history of modern-day advertising, this Sundance documentary entrant is an embracing glimpse into big industry, pop culture and the creative process.Read more

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  5. The Shock Doctrine -- Film Review

    1:34 pm 2/9/2009

    Michael Winterbottom and Mat Whitecross' "The Shock Doctrine" is an illustrated movie guide to Naomi Klein's best-selling book that attacks so-called "disaster capitalism." As such, the movie fails to make her case.Read more

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  6. Film Review: The Messenger

    11:18 am 1/30/2009

    Offering another perspective on the Iraq war's impact on returning soldiers, "The Messenger" gingerly probes wounds that are still healing with admirable empathy and insight.Read more

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  7. Film Review: The Missing Person

    11:29 am 1/29/2009

    Writer-director Noah Buschel's third feature, "The Missing Person," is a low-key mystery that's initially engaging but ultimately lacks sufficient intrigue to sustain interest.Read more

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  8. Film Review: Sin Nombre

    11:25 am 1/28/2009

    With a first-time feature filmmaker and a cast little-known outside Central America, Focus Features will face a considerable challenge appealing to both the art house and Spanish-speaking markets when it releases the film in March.Read more

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  9. Film Review: The Informers

    1:45 pm 1/26/2009

    Considering that none of Bret Easton Ellis' controversial novels has ever been turned into a particularly successful movie, it's amazing that filmmakers continue to find backers for adaptations of his work.Read more

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  10. La Mission -- Film Review

    1:45 pm 1/26/2009

    A heartfelt production from brothers Benjamin and Peter Bratt about the San Francisco neighborhood where they grew up, "La Mission" is an honest attempt to portray the destructiveness of violence in the Latino community.Read more

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