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Sundance Film Festival

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  1. An Education -- Film Review

    12:25 pm 1/21/2009

    Every now and then a performance comes along that takes Sundance by storm. This year, it's Carey Mulligan's star-making turn as a 16-year-old schoolgirl who falls under the spell an older man in early '60s London in "An Education."Read more

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  2. Film Review: Once More With Feeling

    4:59 pm 1/20/2009

    Unabashedly sentimental and distinctly retro, "Once More With Feeling" is an old-fashioned family dramedy -- practically a rarity these days.Read more

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  3. Film Review: Brief Interviews With Hideous Men

    2:23 pm 1/20/2009

    "Brief Interviews with Hideous Men" is one hell of a date movie. A surgical examination of the male psyche based on David Foster Wallace's book and written and directed by John Krasinski, there is plenty of food for thought and argument.Read more

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  4. Film Review: Adventureland

    1:21 pm 1/20/2009

    In the ongoing tradition of "American Graffiti" and "Fast Times as Ridgemont High," "Adventureland" will be a high grader at the boxoffice and in rental.Read more

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  5. Film Review: Five Minutes of Heaven

    1:15 pm 1/20/2009

    "Five Minutes of Heaven" is based on a true story -- that never happened. That might explain why the film circles and circles its subject but never strikes dramatic pay dirt.Read more

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  6. Film Review: Cold Souls

    5:36 pm 1/19/2009

    A dark comedy with a piquant metaphysical bite, this assured feature from writer-director Sophie Barthes imaginatively joins a high-concept script with a distinctive visual style.Read more

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  7. Film Review: Adam

    4:29 pm 1/19/2009

    In attempting to create a romantic film around a character with Asperger's syndrome, writer-director Max Mayer tempts the cinema gods. The result could easily have been pure treacle or just very tacky. "Adam," fortunately, is neither.Read more

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  8. Film Review: Endgame

    2:28 pm 1/19/2009

    Add to the growing list of movies attempting to explain the vile apartheid governing system in South Africa and its eventual demise this striking new movie, "Endgame."Read more

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  9. World's Greatest Dad -- Film Review

    2:01 pm 1/19/2009

    Robin Williams leaps off a high dive in the nude at the end of "World's Greatest Dad." Not an inspiring sight. That's an apt metaphor for what he has done professionally in this dunderheaded delirium from writer-director Bobcat Goldthwait.Read more

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  10. Film Review: I Love You Phillip Morris

    10:30 am 1/19/2009

    "I Love You Phillip Morris" is of the ethereal-absurdist-gay-romantic-biographical farce genre, which begs the question: "How are you going to market this?" Basically, just say Jim Carrey struts his stuff in this engaging oddity.Read more

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