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Sundance Film Festival

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  1. Film Review: Endgame

    2:28 pm 1/19/2009

    Add to the growing list of movies attempting to explain the vile apartheid governing system in South Africa and its eventual demise this striking new movie, "Endgame."Read more

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  2. World's Greatest Dad -- Film Review

    2:01 pm 1/19/2009

    Robin Williams leaps off a high dive in the nude at the end of "World's Greatest Dad." Not an inspiring sight. That's an apt metaphor for what he has done professionally in this dunderheaded delirium from writer-director Bobcat Goldthwait.Read more

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  3. Film Review: I Love You Phillip Morris

    10:30 am 1/19/2009

    "I Love You Phillip Morris" is of the ethereal-absurdist-gay-romantic-biographical farce genre, which begs the question: "How are you going to market this?" Basically, just say Jim Carrey struts his stuff in this engaging oddity.Read more

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  4. (500) Days of Summer -- Film Review

    4:06 pm 1/18/2009

    "(500) Days of Summer" is a lighthearted autopsy of a love gone sour from a strictly male point of view. You're not going to understand the girl very well, and you may learn more about the boy than you really want to.Read more

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  5. Film Review: Spread

    3:40 pm 1/18/2009

    It's understandable that Sundance has to include a few star-driven items on its schedule to fill the big theaters and help pay the bills, usually in the premiere section, but "Spread" with Ashton Kutcher marks one of the low points of the festival.Read more

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  6. Film Review: Don't Let Me Drown

    3:30 pm 1/18/2009

    "Don't Let Me Drown" is one of the best film portraits yet of New York City in the aftermath of 9/11, where a city and its people cope with collective post-traumatic stress while military jets boom overhead and smoke from the Twin Towers hangs in the air.Read more

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  7. Film Review: Toe to Toe

    3:11 pm 1/18/2009

    A strong contender for awards in the Dramatic Competition section, this hard-forged film is a winning debut for filmmaker Emily Abt.Read more

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  8. Film Review: The Greatest

    2:29 pm 1/18/2009

    "The Greatest" pulls off a stunning fete, drawing an audience into a comprehensive film about grief.Read more

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  9. Film Review: Passing Strange

    6:04 pm 1/17/2009

    Stew's semi-autobiographical narrative skirts the pitfalls of conventional coming-of-age material by harnessing the boisterous energy of the endlessly inventive musical numbersRead more

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  10. Film Review: Thriller in Manila

    5:51 pm 1/17/2009

    The film makes no pretense of objectivity -- it's clearly in Frazier's corner -- but at times it seems to inflate its case for dramatic effect.Read more

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