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Sundance Film Festival

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  1. Skateland: Film Review

    7:30 pm 1/25/2010

    "Skateland" is every coming-of-age-after-high-school movie you've ever seen with a formulaic plot and well-worn characters.Read more

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  2. The Imperialists Are Still Alive! -- Film Review

    7:30 pm 1/25/2010

    "The Imperialists Are Still Alive!" is an admirable film in many ways as its young writer-director, Zeina Durra, explores a subculture right before our eyes that remains mostly unseen. The film is fresh and funny, but it is also meandering, at times vague and defiantly uncommercial.Read more

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  3. Freedom Riders -- Film Review

    6:45 pm 1/25/2010

    Overcoming the limitations of a familiar format thanks to the sheer heroism of its tale, "Freedom Riders" digs deep into a critical chapter of the civil rights struggle and brings it to life in a plain but stirring way.Read more

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  4. Boy: Film Review

    2:34 pm 1/25/2010

    A cross between "The 400 Blows" and "Slumdog Millionaire" (though not quite in their class), "Boy" follows a group of kids during a sleepy summer in a Maori community on the rural East Coast of New Zealand.Read more

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  5. Memories of Overdevelopment -- Film Review

    2:25 pm 1/25/2010

    Miguel Coyula's rambling, highly personal distillation of the Cuban revolution and its effects on a disillusioned intellectual is thoughtful and cinematically bold, but its complex structure and subject matter will limit it to the festival circuit.Read more

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  6. Winter's Bone -- Film Review

    2:16 pm 1/25/2010

    Six years after winning an award here for "Down to the Bone," director Debra Granik returns to Sundance with her follow-up, "Winter's Bone," a grim story of persistence set deep in the Ozarks.Read more

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  7. The Red Chapel -- Film Review

    1:53 pm 1/25/2010

    Deceit matches deceit in "The Red Chapel," a doc whose many layers of propaganda, indoctrination, and pranksterism collide in bewildering ways that, while not the stuff of a big nonfiction hit, could draw attention in a modest arthouse run.Read more

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  8. The Man Next Door -- Film Review

    1:45 pm 1/25/2010

    A dry Argentine comedy with a subversive streak and style to burn, "The Man Next Door" moves in unexpected directions while remaining viewer-friendly, and should get a very good reception on the arthouse circuit.Read more

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  9. Night Catches Us -- Film Review

    1:09 pm 1/25/2010

    Driven by Anthony Mackie's powerful performance and a thumping soundtrack, the film could catch the attention of an urban theatrical audience.Read more

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  10. Nuummioq -- Film Review

    12:57 pm 1/25/2010

    Anchored by a riveting performance by Lars Rosing as a robust young man diagnosed with terminal cancer, the film is not easygoing or for all audiences, but for those willing to venture, they will be rewarded with a deeply felt, finely realized film.Read more

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