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Sundance Film Festival

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  1. Countdown to Zero -- Film Review

    11:57 am 1/31/2010

    A doomsday doc suggesting that climate change and eco-degradation aren't going to matter much if we blow up the planet first, "Countdown to Zero" reminds viewers of old fears most people have put on a back burner.Read more

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  2. Bilal's Stand -- Film Review

    11:45 am 1/31/2010

    While it deals with some overly familiar themes and issues perhaps too directly at times, "Bilal's Stand" is invigorated by a savvy script and likable performances.Read more

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  3. New Low -- Film Review

    11:34 am 1/31/2010

    Aptly named, "New Low" is another in the long line of self-loathing comedies. Bowers deserves credit for going out and making the film for almost no money, but it plays like a home movie of someone trying too hard to get laughs.Read more

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  4. Waste Land -- Film Review

    11:15 am 1/31/2010

    A joy to watch despite the abject poverty it contains, "Waste Land" transcends the artist-doc format and has a broad emotional appeal that should ensure a warm reaction from theatrical audiences.Read more

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  5. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil: Film Review

    10:56 am 1/30/2010

    Typical expectations are upended in the horror-comedy "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil," Eli Craig's feature directorial debut and an endearingly cheeky tribute to suspense and slasher classics.Read more

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  6. To Catch a Dollar: Muhammad Yunus Banks on America -- Film Review

    4:35 pm 1/29/2010

    It might be rubbing salt in a wound, but many fest auds will wish they could force every failed banker and credit-default-swapper in America to sit down with "To Catch A Dollar," in which a former professor from Bangladesh shows how to lend money responsibly.Read more

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  7. Southern District -- Film Review

    4:21 pm 1/29/2010

    Stylistically innovative, the film builds on the details of daily life to compose its portrait of a society in flux.Read more

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  8. A Small Act -- Film Review

    2:09 pm 1/29/2010

    In this age of massive bailouts to low-performing scoundrels, "A Small Act" is the moving story of a magnificent personal bailout.Read more

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  9. All My Friends Are Funeral Singers -- Film Review

    2:02 pm 1/29/2010

    More an indie-rock art project than a feature, "All My Friends Are Funeral Singers" will be of interest to fans of the band Califone and very few others.Read more

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  10. Lucky -- Film Review

    1:58 pm 1/29/2010

    Winning the lottery is "like throwing Miracle-Gro on your defects," says one interviewee in "Lucky," a doc about winners of multimillion-dollar prizes.Read more

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