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Tokyo International Film Festival

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  1. Gothic & Lolita Psycho -- Film Review

    10:39 am 10/27/2010

    "Gothic & Lolita Psycho" is a touching tale of a young woman on a quest to avenge her mother's murder and her father's maiming. Read more

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  2. How 'Yellow Sea' was Made

    8:02 am 10/26/2010

    Korean director Na Hong-jin’s “The Yellow Sea” faced a major challenge before shooting even it’s first frame of film — location.Read more

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  3. 442 – Live With Honor, Die With Dignity--Film Review

    8:22 am 10/25/2010

    442 - Live with Honor, Die with Dignity does for Japanese-Americans fighting in World War II what Glory did for African-American soldiers in the Civil War.Read more

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  4. The Piano in a Factory -- Film Review

    6:28 pm 10/24/2010

    While the Chinese film "The Piano in a Factory" is designed a little too carefully to be a crowd-pleaser for international audiences as well as domestic ones, the film is certainly not without its charms and good humor. Read more

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  5. A Better Tomorrow -- Film Review

    5:54 pm 10/24/2010

    John Woo's "A Better Tomorrow" is not about gangs or guns, but all about the swish of an Italian coat, the dandy way a toothpick is chewed, and the graceful arc in which its heroes (not protagonists) cock their guns. Read more

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  6. P.S. -- Film Review

    5:50 pm 10/24/2010

    A cranky repairman and his footloose and fancy-free brother are at the heart of this extremely modest Uzbek drama, "P.S," wherein simmering resentment, petty jealousy and the weight of familial duty make up the formula for domestic tragedy. Read more

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  7. FIT -- Film Review

    5:30 pm 10/24/2010

    Hiromasa Hirosue (and his creative partner Izumi Takahashi) have been feted at festivals for their intense, interrogative gaze at human desperation. Still, considerable patience is required to plough through the daily crises, humiliations and insecurities of "FIT's" unhappy individuals before anyone sees the light at the end of the tunnel.Read more

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  8. Passerby #3 -- Film Review

    5:17 pm 10/24/2010

    TOKYO -- Quadruple threat Shin Su-Won's "Passerby #3" is clearly one of those labors of love that, fortunately for Shin, works more often than not. There's not much going on here and Shin's not saying anything new -- adult boredom is hard to remedy -- but there are enough moments of true insight and gentle humor to make up for any minor grievances.Read more

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  9. TIFF Offers Its Own Look at Booming Chinese Film Industry

    4:52 pm 10/24/2010

    Chinese film officials heralding a cinema revival not seen since the 1930s.Read more

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  10. Josie Ho Joins the Cast of 'The Courier'

    4:13 pm 10/24/2010

    Ho the latest actress to be inked for the action thriller co-starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Mickey Rourke.Read more

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