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Venice International Film Festival

Latest News

  1. Abel Ferrara Doesn’t Know Who Killed Pasolini

    10:05 am 9/4/2014

    The director was misquoted in an earlier statement claiming that he knew who killed the subject of his new filmRead more

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  2. ‘Red Amnesia’ (‘Chuangru zhe’): Venice Review

    3:09 am 9/4/2014

    'Beijing Bicycle' director Wang Xiaoshuai reflects on a generation whose confused relationship with the past gives them awkward footing in China's presentRead more

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  3. 'Pasolini': Venice Review

    1:30 am 9/4/2014

    Willem Dafoe plays the murdered gay poet whose loss still reverberates through Italian intellectual life in Abel Ferrara's anti-conventional portraitRead more

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  4. 'Burying the Ex': Venice Review

    3:34 pm 9/3/2014

    In comedy-horror meister Joe Dante's latest, Anton Yelchin has to deal with his zombified ex-girlfriend, played by Ashley GreeneRead more

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  5. 'Theeb': Venice Review

    2:03 pm 9/3/2014

    The young son of a sheikh gets lost in the desert in Ottoman times in this drama from U.K.-born director Naji Abu NowarRead more

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  6. 'Bypass': Venice Review

    9:26 am 9/3/2014

    Up-and-coming Brit actor George MacKay plays a decent lad forced to make questionable choices in Duane Hopkins’ atmospheric thrillerRead more

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  7. Watch Willem Dafoe Channel Pasolini in New Biopic Trailer

    8:47 am 9/3/2014

    The film about the great director’s last days premieres Thursday in Venice Read more

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  8. Venice: Shakespeare's 'Cymbeline' Gets the Biker Gang Treatment

    7:57 am 9/3/2014

    Action star Milla Jovovich reveals she was shocked to be called for a Shakespearean roleRead more

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  9. 'The Council of Birds' ('Zerrumpelt Herz'): Venice Review

    7:46 am 9/3/2014

    Atmosphere outweighs narrative in this ominous and brooding cabin-in-the-woods dramaRead more

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  10. 'The Last Hammer Blow' ('Le dernier coup de marteau'): Venice Review

    3:13 am 9/3/2014

    A French trailer-park teen gets in touch with his famous conductor father in Alix Delaporte's drama Read more

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